Game Reviews

‘Watch Dogs 2’ Review: A Competent but Cringeworthy Open-World Adventure

Watch Dogs 2 is the Internet as designed by committee. Its hackers are caricatures built from selfies and buzzwords, trying to poke fun at subversive Internet culture without understanding it. It’s a sanitized and commercialized version of real and relevant issues, and it hamstrings its own potential in a Quixotic quest to be hip.


‘Headlander’ Review: Trippy, Goofy Fun That Puts Style over Substance

Double Fine’s Headlander is a trippy 70’s romp through “Metroidvania” gameplay and a worthwhile purchase for those who don’t mind its simplified take on the subgenre. Both Metroid and Castlevania introduced us to the idea of “open world” platforming,


‘Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’ Review: A Brilliant, Mature RPG That Pulls No Punches

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, the latest entry from the team at Eidos Montreal, lives up to the Deus Ex legacy, which is in and of itself high praise. It’s a capable and compelling role-playing game that refines the gameplay of Human Revolution and confronts harsh issues without treating its players like children.