China Threatens U.S. Freedom of Navigation Patrols with Anti-Ship Missiles

China responded to the latest U.S. Navy freedom of navigation patrol in the South China Sea by declaring it would “take necessary actions to protect state sovereignty” and touting its deployment of nuclear-capable ballistic missiles as a step toward doing so. Chinese state media pointedly described the missiles as “ship-killers.”

China says the USS Hopper, center in this 2009 file photo, was involved in a close encounter near a Chinese island in the South China Sea this week. File photo by Michael A. Lantron/U.S. Navy/UPI

North Korea: Japan Missile ‘Meaningful Prelude to Containing Guam’

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un once again threatened American military and civilians on the island of Guam on Tuesday, describing his outrageous launch of a missile over Japan as a “meaningful prelude to containing Guam, an advanced base of invasion.”

North Korea fires 3 short-range missiles; US says tests fail Photo

Chinese Media Warns North Korea: If You Attack U.S., We Remain ‘Neutral’

North Korea’s patrons in Beijing appear paralyzed by conflicting strategic priorities during the current crisis, although the Communist Party organ Global Times did publish an editorial declaring that China would remain neutral if North Korea starts a war but intervene on North Korea’s behalf if the U.S. and South Korea attempt a preemptive strike.

North Korea confirmed the "successful" launch of a medium-range ballistic missile, Pyongyang's state media reported, adding the weapon was now ready to be deployed for military action

Donald Trump Wins Round One with North Korea

The situation remains unstable, and could escalate. But Trump’s rhetoric is not, as former Obama adviser Susan Rice claims, the problem. In fact, it is part of the solution. It has, at the very least, restored some of our deterrence.

President Donald Trump speak to the media on August 10, 2017, at Trump's Bedminster National Golf Club in New Jersey before a security briefing.

World View: China Says War with US in South China Sea is Inevitable

Contents: Vietnam protests China’s fishing ban in the Gulf of Tonkin; China says war with US in South China Sea is inevitable; China’s military using jamming against US drones in South China Sea; China’s media describes ‘bottom line’ for war with US

U.S. Navy commander suggests ASEAN patrols in South China Sea