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Justin Timberlake Says ’24-Hour Parenting Is Just Not Human’

It would seem that for pop superstar Justin Timberlake, spending several days in coronavirus quarantine in Montana with his wife, actress Jessica Biel, and their five-year-old son Silas has made the Grammy-winning singer realize that ’24-hour parenting is just not human.”

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Justin Timberlake: ‘My Son Will Never Play Football’

Justin Timberlake has no problem performing the halftime show for the Super Bowl, something he’s set to do for the second time in his career. Though, when it comes to allowing his son to play football, the pop singer has a big problem with that.

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Clinton Raises Cash at Justin Timberlake’s House

Hillary Clinton continued her West Coast fundraising trip Tuesday afternoon at the Los Angeles home of pop star Justin Timberlake and his wife, Jessica Biel, where the Democratic presidential candidate sat for lunch with A-list celebrities and Hollywood power players.