Blue State Blues: I’m Going to Vegas, Baby

There is one thing that everyone — at least those over 21 — can do, which is to visit Las Vegas, to bring life and love and dreams back to the city.

Blue State Blues (Breitbart)

Giant Menorah From Lego Built In Texas

TEL AVIV – Led by a structural engineer, a group of parents and kids built a giant menorah out of Lego in Fort Worth, Texas, reported the local CBS affiliate.  The congregation of Ahavath Sholom synagogue in Fort Worth used

Lego menorah

World View: Terror Attacks in Kuwait, France, Somalia and Tunisia Highlight Growing Sectarian War

Contents: Al-Qaeda linked al-Shabaab launches massive terrorist attack in Somalia; ISIS-linked terrorists attack Shia mosque in Kuwait City, killing 27; France in shock after beheading and attack at US-owned factory; Terrorist gunman creates bloodbath in Tunisia, killing 37; Analysis of Friday’s four terror attacks; China’s stock markets continue their free-fall

The Associated Press

San Diego Police Take Apart LEGO Theft Ring

Surveillance video caught burglars pilfering valuable LEGOs and Disney’s “Frozen” toys from all five Toys “R” Us stores around San Diego County.

LEGO face (Peter Macdiarmid / Getty)

1,900-Pound ‘Death Star’ Under Construction at Legoland

Someone call the Knights of the Old Republic; a new Death Star is currently under construction in Carlsbad, California. Sure, the new Death Star is made out of Lego. But at roughly 500,000 pieces and 1,900 pounds, the Lego Death

Legoland Star Wars Miniland (Legoland Press)