Lego Piles on Mockery of Tesla’s Cybertruck

Toy giant LEGO has taken a jab at Tesla and Elon Musk in a social media post adding to the widespread mockery of Musk’s recently unveiled “Cybertruck.” LEGO claims its version of the truck of the future is “guaranteed shatterproof,” a reference to Musk’s failed product demo.

LEGO cybertruck

Giant Menorah From Lego Built In Texas

TEL AVIV – Led by a structural engineer, a group of parents and kids built a giant menorah out of Lego in Fort Worth, Texas, reported the local CBS affiliate.  The congregation of Ahavath Sholom synagogue in Fort Worth used

Lego menorah

World View: Terror Attacks in Kuwait, France, Somalia and Tunisia Highlight Growing Sectarian War

Contents: Al-Qaeda linked al-Shabaab launches massive terrorist attack in Somalia; ISIS-linked terrorists attack Shia mosque in Kuwait City, killing 27; France in shock after beheading and attack at US-owned factory; Terrorist gunman creates bloodbath in Tunisia, killing 37; Analysis of Friday’s four terror attacks; China’s stock markets continue their free-fall

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