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Mexican drug cartels

Cartel Smugglers Abandon Double-Amputee Migrant in Texas Border River

Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents rescued a wheelchair-bound double amputee migrant this week after cartel smugglers abandoned him on an island in the Rio Grande River. Agents also apprehended two other special needs migrants in the two preceding days.

Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents rescue a double-amputee illegal alien from an island in the middle of the Rio Grande River. (Photo: U.S. Border Patrol/Del Rio Sector)

Court Brief: El Chapo Drugged, Raped 13-Year-Old Girls

Mexico’s most famous drug lord, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Loera, regularly paid $5,000 to have girls as young as 13-years-old drugged and brought to him for sexual intercourse, court records allege.

The Associated Press

ICE: Large Weapons Cache Seized En Route to Mexico

Federal law enforcement officials say a large weapons cache seized in the Texas border town of Laredo was likely heading to Mexico. Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) agents and other law enforcement agencies teamed up to stop a large quantity of semi-automatic weapons, ammunition, and ballistic armor from being smuggled to Mexican drug cartels in Nuevo Laredo.

Laredo Weapons Cache seized by ICE HSI Agents.

Phoenix PD’s Sanctuary City Proposal Could Trigger Spike in Violence, Say Officers

PHOENIX, Arizona –The recent revelation that City of Phoenix Police Department is planning a return to a restrictive policy that would limit officers from contacting immigration authorities has raised red flags among active and retired law enforcement who worked during a time when a similar measure led to a dramatic spike in violence.

AP Photo/Matt York

Newborn Exposure to Drugs Triples in Louisiana

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana – The number of newborn babies who have been exposed to drugs and alcohol in Louisiana has tripled since 2008, mostly due to the massive rise and popularity of heroin being trafficked into the state through the U.S. southern border.

Babies Drug Dependency

19 Arrested in Louisiana for Coke, Heroin Distribution Scheme

ST. BERNARD PARISH, Louisiana – A total of 19 Louisiana residents, including three juveniles, were arrested by the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office for their alleged involvement in distributing cocaine and heroin throughout the area.

St Bernard Pairsh drug bust

Expert: Latin American Cartels Paying ‘Hezbollah Tax’ to Move Drugs into Europe

Latin American transnational criminal organizations (TCOs), including Mexican drug cartels, are paying Iran’s narco-terrorist proxy Hezbollah a “tax” to move people, narcotics, weapons and other contraband in and out out of the Western Hemisphere, an expert on Iranian influence in the region tells Breitbart News.

A Lebanese Shiite woman, holding a picture of Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary General of Hezbollah, walks in front of a poster showing Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez and a slogan that reads: "Gracias Chavez" 21 September 2006 at the southern suburb of Beirut. Chavez stunned the UN General Assembly with a …

Pope Francis Visiting Mexican State Hit Hard by Violent Drug Cartels

Pope Francis will be in Morelia, the capital of the state of Michoacan today speaking to citizens and young people who have lived in a country hit hard by drugs, drug smuggling, and trafficking by violent drug cartels. He begins his fourth day of his Apostolic Journey to Mexico.


WARNING GRAPHIC: 9 Reasons to Fear Mexican Cartels More than ISIS

Mexican drug cartels continue to fascinate the minds of Americans who tend to idolize outlaw gunmen with fast cash, fancy cars, guns and women. However, few realize that Mexican drug cartels are as ruthless and sadistic as Middle Eastern terror groups like ISIS with whom they actually have many tactics in common.


Smuggling Human Beings More Profitable than Illegal Drugs

Smuggling human beings has become a more profitable commodity than smuggling drugs. Just one person can command a profit of up to $100,000 for human smugglers, according to one criminologist in the Caribbean. That “premium package” could get the migrant a new identity, foreign passport, legitimate documents, and a plane ticket to the US.

Rosenberg Police Department

Mexican Cartel Hitman Faces Life in Prison for Assassinations Across U.S.

A self-identified Mexican drug cartel enforcer was expected to receive a life sentence on November 2 with no chance for parole after pleading guilty on October 6 to nine murders in California. Authorities say the man admitted to several other killings across the country in service of a cartel he refuses to identify.

AP Photo

City’s New Pot Ordinance Will Turn Toledo into a Cartel Haven, Says Ohio Attorney General

Ohio’s Attorney General believes the Toledo’s new pot ordinance will turn the city into a haven for drug cartels. In September 2015, residents of Toledo, Ohio voted 11,663 to 4,911 to pass the “Sensible Marihuana Ordinance,” which eliminated the punishments for possessing and trafficking marijuana. It makes the crime either a minor drug offense or a fifth-degree drug felony.


Top Honduran Businessman Indicted for Laundering Drug Money

On October 7, the US Justice Department released a statement saying that one of Honduras’ most powerful businessmen and two of his family members have been indicted for allegedly laundering money for drug traffickers. Seven businesses were also labeled “specially designated narcotics traffickers” under the Kingpin Act.


Middle America Waking Up to a Mexican Cartel Heroin Nightmare

When most Americans hear the word heroin, they probably imagine a junkie underneath a highway overpass or an aging rock star with a needle sticking out of his arm. But the face of heroin abuse and addiction in America has changed dramatically in the last few years, and Mexican cartel drug traffickers are making sure those deadly little “balloons” filled with black-tar venom get into the hands of Middle America’s youth.

Heroin Use

NYT: China Is Primary Source of Illegal, Synthetic Drugs Sold Online

U.S. officials accused China of being the primary source of synthetic drugs that can easily be obtained through online retailers operating inside the country, including ingredients used by Mexican drug cartels to manufacture methamphetamine, reports The New York Times.