Leftist Activist Groups Claim Amazon’s ‘Ring Nation’ Show Will Harm ‘Black and Brown People, and Abortion Seekers’

Amazon-owned MGM’s “Ring Nation” show hasn’t debuted yet and has already generated controversy from leftist activist groups who believe the series will glorify digital surveillance culture. Now come accusations that the light-hearted show — think America’s “Funniest Home Videos” but based around Amazon Ring security cameras — is racist, with claims that it will harm “black and brown people.”


Report: Amazon Nearing $9 Billion Deal to Buy Hollywood Studio MGM

Amazon is reportedly closing in on a blockbuster deal to pay $9 billion for the storied Hollywood studio MGM. The acquisition would enlarge Amazon’s footprint in Hollywood and give it control over valuable movie titles including the James Bond and Rocky franchises, as well as numerous classics such as The Wizard of Oz.

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The Pandemic Is Changing Hollywood, Maybe Forever

NEW YORK (AP) — “No New ‘Movies’ Till Influenza Ends” blared a New York Times headline on Oct. 10, 1918, while the deadly second wave of the Spanish Flu was unfolding. A century later, during another pandemic, movies — quotes no longer necessary — are again facing a critical juncture. But it’s not because new films haven’t been coming out. By streaming service, video-on-demand, virtual theater or actual theater, a steady diet of films have been released under COVID-19 every week. The Times has reviewed more than 460 new movies since mid-March.

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Kirk Kerkorian Dies at 98

Kirk Kerkorian, an eighth-grade dropout who later became the richest person in Los Angeles, died at age 98 of age-related causes on Monday at his home in Beverly Hills, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Kerkorian Las Vegas (Ethan Miller / Getty)