Mexican Border Mayoral Candidate is Brother of Los Zetas Cartel Boss

PIEDRAS NEGRAS, Coahuila — One of the leading mayoral candidates in the upcoming election in this border city is the brother of a top boss in the ruthless Mexican Los Zetas drug cartel, while other of his relatives have spent time in U.S. federal prison on drug trafficking offenses. Piedras Negras sits immediately across the border from Eagle Pass, Texas.

Lorenzo Menera

Video: Vote Buying in Mexico — Can Elections Be Trusted?

As the border state of Tamaulipas gears up for their upcoming gubernatorial election, many are wondering if there will be in fact a true election. The election will play a big role in future Texas-Mexico relations. But, voters are concerned the cards have already been stacked against them in order to keep certain groups in power.

Baltazar Hinojosa