Product Recall

Blue Bell Expands Recall to All Cookie Dough Products

Blue Bell Creameries is expanding its previously announced recall of its ice cream products containing chocolate chip cookie dough because of possible contamination by the Listeria monocytogenes bacteria.

Blue Bell Recall Ice Cream Flavors

Blue Bell Ice Cream Expands Recall to ‘All of Its Products’

Blue Bell Creameries has issued yet another recall. This time, the recall has been expanded to include off of its products manufactured in all of its facilities. The voluntary recall comes after expanded testing of its product line. The new tests revealed the Listeria bacteria in one of its half-gallon containers of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream.


Blue Bell Ice Cream has First Ever Recall After Three Kansans Die

The Texas ice cream icon, Blue Bell Ice Cream, has issued its first ever recall after three people in Kansas died from illness linked back to some of its products. No one in Texas has been affected by illness at this point. Five people in total have been diagnosed with contracting the listeriosis bacteria. Only the products shown in the photo above have potentially been exposed and recalled.