U.S. Coast Guard

Migrants Land Homemade Boats on Florida Beaches

Migrants continue the dangerous practice of crossing the Straits of Florida in small homemade boats. The boats are usually overloaded with migrants attempting to make their way from Cuba and Haiti to the United States.

A makeshift boat lands on an island of the Dry Tortuga National Park in April with 20 migr

219 Haitian Migrants Found on Overloaded Sailing Vessel in Caribbean

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine Operations aircrew spotted a sailing vessel in the Caribbean headed to the United States. with a large group of migrants onboard. The aircrew directed U.S. Coast Guard crews to intercept the vessel headed to the United States with more than 200 migrants on the severely overloaded boat.

A CBP AMO aircrew finds a sailboat in the Caribbean with 219 Haitian migrants on board. (C