Dove Soap Father’s Day Ad Features Two Gay Dads

Dove soap company released an uplifting Father’s Day ad on Monday that shows two dads kissing and rocking an infant to sleep. The one-minute ad titled, “Caring Makes My Dad, My Hero,” depicts a montage of high-flying father-daughter, father-son moments caught

Dove Soap Father’s Day Ad Features Two Gay Dads

Watch: Second Worst Climate Change Video Ever

Is this the worst climate change video ever? Well no. Obviously not: that title will always be held by the No Pressure “exploding kids” video by a creative team – let it never be forgotten – including Richard Curtis, Thom Yorke

worst climate change video

CA Legislature to Vote to Ban Microbeads

Scores of cosmetic, shampoo, toothpaste and personal care products containing microbeads will be forced to find new exfoliating ingredients should California State Assemblyman Richard Bloom’s (D-Santa Monica) reprised bill to ban microbeads pass the state legislature and become law. An

Microbeads (Associated Press)