Volunteers Flock to Clean Up Defaced Vietnam Memorial

LOS ANGELES — Volunteers rushed Sunday to clean, repaint and restore a Vietnam memorial in Venice that had been tagged with graffiti late last week, after a veteran’s appeal that was reported by Breitbart News and other outlets on Sunday morning.

Cleaning up Vietnam memorial (LAcycleHelper / Twitter)

Venice Mayor Bans ‘Farce’ Gay Pride Parades

The mayor of Venice has said that no gay pride parades will take place in the city while he is in charge. Luigi Brugnaro told Italian daily La Repubblica “there will be no gay pride in my Venice”, describing the


Chief Beck in Hot Water over Comments on Homeless Shooting

Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck is in hot water with police unions after commenting on the police shooting of an unarmed homeless man in Venice Tuesday evening. Beck said, “Any time an unarmed person is shot by a Los Angeles police officer, it takes extraordinary circumstances to justify that. I have not seen those extraordinary circumstances,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

Chief Beck, LAPD (Damain Dovarganes / Associated Press)