EXCLUSIVE–Fox News Special: 'See No Evil: The Kermit Gosnell Case'

EXCLUSIVE–Fox News Special: 'See No Evil: The Kermit Gosnell Case'

On Friday night at 9:00 PM EDT, Fox News Channel will present a special documentary titled “See No Evil: The Kermit Gosnell Case.” Hosted by Bret Baier, the presentation will reveal the radical background of the Philadelphia abortionist who is on trial for murdering babies, who were born alive during abortion procedures, as well as a patient.

Breitbart News was given an exclusive interview with Peter Boyer, editor-at-large at Fox News Channel, who served as both a producer and a correspondent for the documentary.

Boyer presents what, perhaps, is the ultimate conundrum of the Gosnell murder trial.

“What we’ve tried to do in the documentary is not to make an argument one way or the other–it’s not a polemic one way or the other about abortion,” Boyer says. “We tell this crime story that offers a perspective on who this man is. And though abortion itself is not on trial–it ends up being that it really is.”

Boyer tells the story of the radical background of Kermit Gosnell, a man who has been at the heart of the pro-abortion movement for 40 years; a man who was a key player in what is now known as the “Mother’s Day Massacre.”

“Forty years ago, long before Gosnell opened his clinic, he was a young African-American doctor with the world before him,” relates Boyer. “He chose, however, to locate himself at the heart of the radical fringe of the abortion rights movement.”

Boyer states that when Roe v. Wade was before the Supreme Court in 1972, a feminist group decided to stage a political event–a mass abortion–for the purpose of advancing their pro-abortion argument.

“They wanted women of various stages of pregnancy to participate in a massive abortion,” Boyer says. “The women didn’t know what was going to happen to them. It was a grotesque human experiment.”

Harvey Karman, who Boyer calls “an abortion quack,” had designed “at his kitchen table, a device called a ‘super coil,’ which was really a ‘plastic razor ball,’ that could be inserted into the vagina of a pregnant woman and precipitate a miscarriage.”

Karman was, in fact, a convicted felon who had served 2 years in a California prison for the death of a mother, in 1955, while attempting to illegally abort her baby in a hotel room with a nutcracker. Karman was eventually pardoned by then-Gov. Jerry Brown.

Boyer says that 15 women were brought into the staged experiment on Mother’s Day weekend in 1972. He states that public television was brought in to record the event–though recordings and films can no longer be found.

To move forward with their “event,” however, the experiment planners needed a doctor to volunteer to perform the abortions using the “super coil.” It was Kermit Gosnell who came forward to offer his services.

The health complications that ensued from this “human experiment,” were numerous, Boyer indicates. This “Mother’s Day Massacre” left nine women with serious injuries, several requiring major surgeries; one young woman ultimately needed a hysterectomy as a result.

Despite the serious complications that many of the women suffered at the hands of Gosnell, he suffered no consequences for his actions.

Boyer states that Dr. Sidney Wolfe, who was interviewed for the Fox News special, testified before a congressional subcommittee led by Sen. Ted Kennedy, saying, “Dr. Gosnell should have had his license yanked at that moment.”

“But Gosnell was defiant,” says Boyer. “He saw himself as a champion of women’s rights. He then opened his Women’s Clinic in Philadelphia and had been performing thousands of abortions until these charges were brought against him.”

Boyer reports that Gosnell used a “sliding scale” for payment for his services. Women who were late-term had to pay more. In addition, Gosnell even had a “sliding scale” for anesthesia. According to Boyer, one young woman could not afford anesthesia, so Gosnell performed her abortion without it.

Boyer, who attended some of Gosnell’s trial in Philadelphia, states that Gosnell’s defense attorney’s main message to the jurors has been that his client is a man who has devoted his life to service to a poor community. The hope for Gosnell, Boyer says, is that jurors will see the abortionist’s prosecution as “elitist” and “racist.”

Asked by Breitbart News whether the case of Kermit Gosnell is but the tip of an iceberg, Boyer asserts, “Absolutely.”

“No matter what your stance on abortion, this case is telling people, ‘this is what abortion is,'” he states. “The pro-life people who rallied with a prayer vigil outside the courthouse–they said, ‘Okay, you want legalized abortion, this is what it looks like.’ But, also, Gosnell’s defense attorney said pretty much the same thing: abortion isn’t pretty, it’s bloody, it’s real.”

Boyer claims, “Roe v. Wade created a specialized niche in the marketplace and Gosnell filled that niche in an urban, minority community.”

“It gets down to the logic of abortion,” Boyer concludes. “When a human creation emerges from the womb, does it have life? The abortion industry says that it depends on the state of mind of the woman and her doctor.”


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