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House Committee: Possible Crimes by IRS Official

WASHINGTON (AP) — The chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee says investigators have uncovered evidence that a former Internal Revenue Service official may have committed crimes as part of the agency's tea party controversy. 7 Apr 2014

War on Americans' Conscience in Court and Among the States

The Supreme Court's decision Monday to decline a First Amendment case on conscience rights is the latest in a trend that should be of profound concern to pro-business Republicans, libertarians, and anyone else who wants ordinary people to be economically self-sufficient and live according to their beliefs. 7 Apr 2014

Condescending Climate Changers

So, now their mantra is simply “climate change,” allowing them to be right no matter which way the thermometer moves. Most of us would agree that man has had an effect. Whether he has tilted the balance toward cooling, as was believed in the 1970s, or toward warming, as is currently believed, no one can tell for certain. 7 Apr 2014

Jeb Bush Exposes the Truth of Open Borders Ethos

The debate over illegal immigration is one of the most frustrating issues for those whom approach public policy logically. Seldom do we have so much history to draw upon when crafting new policies like we do with illegal immigration, yet nobody in Washington is willing to learn the lessons of the past. 7 Apr 2014

Gallup: Illinois Residents Have Least Trust in State Gov't; California Sixth-Worst

A new Gallup poll reports that only 28 percent of Illinois residents trust their state government, by far the lowest rate of any state in the Union. The next-worst levels of trust are in Maine and Rhode Island, where only 40 percent of residents trust their government. California is sixth-worst, with only 49 percent of residents telling Gallup that they trust their state government--despite Gov. Jerry Brown's high approval ratings. 7 Apr 2014

Chicago Man Who Defeated City's Handgun Ban Dies

Otis McDonald, the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit that prompted the U.S. Supreme Court decision that forced Chicago to abandon its 28-year ban on handguns, has died at the age of 80, a family spokesman said Sunday. 6 Apr 2014

CA AG Candidate Wants Death Penalty for Corrupt Politicians, Flouts Eighth Amendment

One Republican candidate for California attorney general argues for the death penalty for corrupt politicians whose actions endanger lives. While frustration against public corruption is appropriate (and for that matter should increase), and actions that actually cost a person’s life should be punished as homicides, it’s not a good sign when someone aspiring to be the top lawyer of a state evidently doesn’t understand the Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. 6 Apr 2014

School Districts Begin Exodus From Common Core

Some local school districts in the United States are making the decision to abandon the Common Core standards and the associated testing, choosing instead higher-level learning standards and curricula, then sharing these with other school districts. 6 Apr 2014

75% of Americans Believe Politicians are Corrupt

A new Reason-Rupe poll reveals that Americans believe that 75% of politicians are “corrupted” by the money given to them by special interests. Further, the poll indicated that the respondents felt 70% of politicians use their influence to give aid to their friends and hurt those opposing them. 6 Apr 2014


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