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WaPo: GOP Won More Than People Realize in November Election

Aaron Blake, writer for the Washington Post, points out that the results of last Tuesday’s election portend a much brighter future for Republicans than many had assumed. He notes that more than two-thirds of state legislatures across the nation will be controlled by the GOP, a factor that may prove as important as the 7-seat gain in the Senate and the biggest advantage in the House in the last century. 11 Nov 2014

VA Reform Doesn't Go Far Enough

When the federal government promises “reform,” there’s no guarantee things will get better (they generally don’t) but you can be certain it will spend more money. 11 Nov 2014

Priebus: Illegal Executive Amnesty Isn't 'Leverage'

Republican National Committee Chairman is warning Republicans against accepting President Obama's threats of executive amnesty as a reason to move forward on immigration reform and says Congress should avoid addressing major issues until GOP reinforcements arrive in January. 11 Nov 2014

2014: 'Gender Gap' Is Still a Myth

As exit polling again made clear in the 2014 midterm elections, there is no real "gender gap" in Americans' voting. Many candidates experienced shock when votes were counted, as they had centered their campaigns around the belief that there is. 11 Nov 2014

NYC Lawyer's Past Racist Tweets Toward Herman Cain, Michael Steele Surface

New York attorney Andrew Barovick, now best known for his racially charged tweet toward former New York Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor Christopher Moss, has a history on Twitter when it comes to making such crude statements about black Republicans. Most of these tweets are now deleted but were captured through screen grabs before Barovick trashed the majority of the statements. 11 Nov 2014

Holocaust Survivor to U.S. Veterans: 'You Are the Best Among Us'

Martin Greenfield has been hailed “America’s greatest living tailor” and the “most interesting man in the world.” A Holocaust survivor, Mr. Greenfield makes suits for the world’s most powerful and influential men, including presidents of both parties, Hollywood actors, and professional athletes. Greenfield is the author of the new book, Measure of Man: From Auschwitz Survivor to Presidents’ Tailor. In this excerpt from Monday’s NY Post, Mr. Greenfield pays tribute to his American liberators and all those who serve. 11 Nov 2014

7 Reasons Net Neutrality Is A Dumb Idea

On Monday, President Obama announced that he would be pushing the Federal Communications Commission to begin enforcing “net neutrality” – a policy by which internet service providers would be forced to load all web sites at the same speed. 10 Nov 2014

Deadly 'Kissing Bug' Has Infected 300,000 People in U.S.

A deadly disease called Chagas has been estimated to have infected at least 300,000 people in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control. This infection is transferred by the “kissing bug” and is contracted when the bug bites its sleeping victims, takes their blood, and then deposits its feces where the unaware victim rubs it into the open wound. 10 Nov 2014

NYC Bar Calls NYPD on African American Leaders

A group of political activists demanding to speak to the president of the New York City Bar Association about the organization’s refusal to dismiss attorney Andrew Barovick as chair of the bar’s medical malpractice committee were turned away by the bar's Executive Director, Bret Parker. 10 Nov 2014

Gun Sales in Ferguson Skyrocket As Grand Jury Decision Draws Near

At a gun shop near Ferguson, Missouri, the manager told CNN that sales of firearms for personal protection have increased nearly 50 percent. As stores in Ferguson and nearby areas board up their fronts in fear of riots that could be sparked in the coming days of a potential grand jury decision, residents appear to be taking up arms. 10 Nov 2014

Potential Campaign Themes Emerge in Ben Carson Documentary

Ben Carson's supporters believe the "sky's the limit" for him as a potential presidential candidate. And a new documentary about his life shows why Carson, who is emerging as one of the most intriguing presidential prospects, would be a formidable candidate should he choose to enter the 2016 contest.  10 Nov 2014

2014 Midterm Elections: GOP Landslide Wasn't Quirk of Turnout

It does not take long to count every vote, but it can take a few days to sort through complex information about election returns. Here's what we've learned: the electorate who voted last Tuesday was much closer to the one who voted in 2012 than it was to the one who took part in the 2010 midterms. 10 Nov 2014

Slate: Tea Party 'Savvy, Smart, Disciplined'

At first glance, the 2014 midterms look like a catastrophe for the Tea Party. Sarah Palin’s candidates lost in state after state, conservatives like Louisiana’s Rob Maness who proudly embraced the Tea Party label got walloped, and favorites of the so-called RINO surrender caucus—including Thom Tillis and incumbent Sen. Lamar Alexander—sailed to wins in their primaries ahead of their victories last Tuesday. 10 Nov 2014

New Holocaust Memoir Recounts Nazis Using Boy for Target Practice

Martin Greenfield has been hailed “America’s greatest living tailor” and the “most interesting man in the world.” A Holocaust survivor, Mr. Greenfield makes suits for the world’s most powerful and influential men, including Hollywood stars, presidents from both political parties, and pro athletes. 10 Nov 2014

Democrats: The Party of Gun Control

From 19th century efforts in which Democrats strained to keep slaves and former slaves from owning guns to 20th century plans to ban a politically defined category of guns—"assault weapons"—to 21st century efforts to dissuade women from gun ownership, Democrats have certainly proven they are the party of gun control. 10 Nov 2014


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