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Man Trampled by Bull at Alameda County Bull Run

CBS 13 in Sacramento reports that a man trampled by a bull at the Alameda County bull run as he attempted to record his flight on his phone while running away has seen his video go viral. Justin Triplett, who was knocked unconscious, recounted, “I’ve been wanting to go to Spain and run with the bulls for as long as I can remember.” 30 Jul 2014

UCLA Flood Erupts Into Social Media Explosion

A busted water main pipe which flooded Westwood, California and mostly UCLA, with up to 20 million gallons of water (originally reported at 10 million by KTLA), turned into a social media frenzy on Tuesday with over 15,000 tweets over the course of a few hours. 30 Jul 2014

Democrat San Jose Mayor Endorses Republican for State Controller

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed, a Democrat who incurred the wrath of the state’s Democratic party and unions because he supported Measure B in 2012, has eschewed supporting Betty Yee, a state Board of Equalization member and the Democrats’ choice for state controller, and instead endorsed Republican Fresno mayor Ashley Swearengin. 30 Jul 2014

Republican Peterson Holds Edge in Secretary of State Race

Republican Pete Peterson holds a slight edge over his Democratic Party rival, State Sen. Alex Padilla, in the race for California Secretary of State, a new Gravis poll shows. The land-line survey of 580 registered voters showed Peterson with 37% and Padilla with 34%, within the 4% margin of error.  30 Jul 2014

Gold Rush Days Festival Canceled Due to Drought

Sacramento's annual Gold Rush Days festival, which usually takes place over Labor Day Weekend, has been canceled, according to local NBC News affiliate KCRA. The event is Old Sacramento's most popular event, and typically draws over 100,000 visitors. 29 Jul 2014

Jerry Brown Gets Biblical on the Border Crisis: ‘We Should Welcome the Stranger'

While in Mexico to discuss joint trade and the effects of climate change with Mexican political leaders, Governor Jerry Brown said that Texas Governor Rick Perry’s decision to put National Guard troops on the Texas border is misguided. He urged Perry and other U.S. politicians to heed the “religious call… to welcome the stranger” when it comes to illegal aliens. 28 Jul 2014

Civilian Drone Interferes with Sands Firefighting Efforts

After three days of battling the furious flames known as the Sand Fire of El Dorado and Amador County, firefighters made significant headway in containing it. This came despite a troublesome drone equipped with a camera flying in the area, which could have caused the firefighters problems. 28 Jul 2014

Native California Journalist, Wife Arrested in Iran

A Bay Area native, Jason Rezaian, who holds dual US-Iranian citizenship, is one of four journalists who were detained last week by the Iranian government in Tehran. The other three people include his wife Yeganeh Salehi, who is also a journalist, and two American freelance photojournalists. 28 Jul 2014

Planned Parenthood Complains About Protests in SF

Bay Area Planned Parenthood executives, used to presenting their pro-abortion case to prospective clients without a countervailing response, are whining that the San Francisco police and the city attorney aren’t protecting them from those nasty pro-life protesters who are appearing at the organization’s facility and threatening their business by (gasp!) passing out literature. 28 Jul 2014

Brown Heads to Mexico to Explain Why 50% More Unemployment is Better

Governor Jerry Brown, now the latest potential presidential candidate for 2016, is touting his trip to Mexico this week as an opportunity to demonstrate foreign policy expertise as a cheerleader in the quest to combat climate change. Mexico President Enrique Peña Nieto will undoubtedly be a very gracious and understanding host, given that the California unemployment rate has consistently been at least 50% higher than Mexican unemployment. 28 Jul 2014


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