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Useful Idiots for North Korea

No matter how absurdly authoritarian a nation becomes, it is never quite beyond the admiration of some communist stooge somewhere. Turns out there's a (very small) group of communists right here in the U.S. who believe the bluster coming out of North Korea is actually ginned up by Wall Street and the media. Listen as this spokesman for Red Youth argues that the DPRK is a friend to "progressive-minded people" everywhere:

Of course, like any good communist, he never gets around to talking about the gulags North Korea operates or the poor living conditions even for the people who aren't in gulags.

In this clip (scroll to 9:47), the same guy explains "One of the big reasons the U.S. Imperialists hate the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is because there are no billionaires..."

Actually, there was one billionaire in North Korea. His name was Kim Jong Il. He was estimated to have a personal fortune of $4 billion. Kim reportedly spent $800,000 a year of Cognac alone. And yet this group, Red Youth, is defending the DPRK by denouncing Wall Street bankers who can only dream of the lavish lifestyle North Korean leaders live. This is why they call them useful idiots.


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