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Laszewski on Kelly File: 'This just makes everything so much worse'

The White House has been trying to shift blame for cancellation letters for several weeks. According to Robert Laszewski, yesterday's presser proves all the previous statements to the effect that Obamacare was not to blame were false.

Megyn Kelly teed up Laszewski with a series of video clips of various White House surrogates suggesting the cancellation letters are a merely a business decision being made by insurance companies. But as Laszewski pointed out, that claim is completely undercut by the President's offer of a "fix."

"If the insurance companies didn't have to cancel people then why did the President give a press conference and announce that insurance companies don't have to cancel people?" Laszewski asked. "The administration just changed the rules so the insurance companies don't have to cancel people" he continued, adding "Well, I guess they had to before then, didn't they Megyn?"

Apart from revealing yet another White House lie about the health care overhaul, Laszeski told Kelly the "fix" would also create a logical nightmare for insurers.

"This just makes everything so much worse. This Obama administration has been building the website now for three years. They've got it all screwed up. It doesn't work. And now they're saying to the insurance industry, you have to turn on a dime and redo everything...The insurance companies now have 31 days to reverse everything they've been doing over the last few months with these cancellations letters."

Laszewski also didn't leave any doubt about why this is happening, saying "This is about politics."


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