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Judicial Watch Victory: Obama Gives Up Fast and Furious Documents

We have big news to report on the latest in the growing Operation Fast and Furious scandal implicating President Obama’s Department of Justice (DOJ). On November 18, 2014, Judicial Watch obtained a massive production of documents in response to a June 2012 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and our subsequent FOIA lawsuit. 25 Nov 2014, 6:04 PM PDT

Media Ignore 224 Teenagers Killed in Chicago Since Michael Brown's Death

Since August, Al Sharpton and MSNBC, CNN, the big three networks, and all the righteous protesters and Anonymous hacktivists have been using the death of Michael Brown as a basis to claim that our society is prejudiced against black teens. But since then 244 teens have been killed in Chicago, most of them black males, and not a word has been said about this death toll. 25 Nov 2014, 4:27 PM PDT

Women's History Museum Does Not Belong in Defense Budget

On October 11, Rengin Yusuf died. She was a mom, a warrior and a young Peshmergan fighter who died in battle against ISIS. According to Sandor Jaszberenyi’s piece in the Wall Street Journal, she was part of a brave group of women who are particularly successful in combat, due in part to ISIS’s belief that being killed by a woman fighter excludes one from the complimentary 72 virgins in Paradise. 25 Nov 2014, 10:46 AM PDT

Nine Questions Vermont's Health Care Reform Chief Hasn't Answered About Jonathan Gruber Contract

Lawrence Miller, Vermont's health care reform chief, wants to give the impression that he's fired controversial MIT professor Jonathan Gruber, the "architect" of Obamacare. Gruber had signed a lucrative $450,000 personal services contract with Vermont before his frank admissions the law was designed to deceive "stupid" American voters became public. 25 Nov 2014, 10:10 AM PDT

Most Businesses Destroyed in Ferguson Minority Owned

FERGUSON, Missouri----KMOV-TV reports that the majority of stores that were damaged or completely destroyed during Monday night's violent riots in Ferguson were minority owned. Fire Departments around the St. Louis County Area put out 25 structural fires caused by vandals and looters following the announcement from the grand jury that Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted in the death of Mike Brown. 25 Nov 2014, 6:49 AM PDT

VIDEO: Ferguson Protestor Has Phone Stolen--While Live-Streaming Riot

Bassem Masri, a pro-Palestinian activist who is live-streaming the violent protests in Ferguson, Missouri, had his smartphone stolen as he was live-streaming the action (at 2:34 in the video below). The thief's escape was broadcast to some 90,000 viewers around the world as he retreated, breathless, to a park. The video was captured and reposted to YouTube. 24 Nov 2014

St. Louis Police: Automatic Rounds Fired in Ferguson

FERGUSON, Missouri—Gunfire was first heard by Breitbart News and other media outlets at around 10 PM CST in front of the Ferguson Police Department where angry protesters gathered after news was disclosed that Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted by a grand jury. Reporters, producers, law enforcement, and protesters took cover behind barriers when the round went off. 24 Nov 2014

Obama on Ferguson: America's Racist, Give Me More Power

On Monday night, after the media’s attempted racial assassination of Officer Darren Wilson shipwrecked on the rocky shoals of the criminal justice system, President Obama took to the podium to try to salvage their narrative of American racism. 24 Nov 2014

Poll: US Post Office Top Rated Federal Agency

A Gallup survey finds 72% of Americans give the US Post Office "good" or "excellent" marks for its service. By a wide margin, the Post Office is viewed more favorably than any other federal agency surveyed by Gallup. 24 Nov 2014

Obama's Lawless Amnesty Tests Our Republic

Honest Americans are still gasping from President Obama’s speech last week announcing his own amnesty program, based on no legal authority, for at least five million illegal aliens. I recently warned you about Obama’s amnesty assault on our nation. 24 Nov 2014

Why Did Chuck Hagel Have to Go?

President Obama professed today strong appreciation for the service of his third Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel. But if he was so appreciative, why exactly is Secretary Hagel about to be former Secretary Hagel? 24 Nov 2014

Poll: 73% of Latinos Want More Exec Amnesty

A strong majority of Hispanics want President Barack Obama to use more executive actions to give amnesty to all of the country's illegal immigrants if Congress does not pass an amnesty bill. 24 Nov 2014

Sebelius Promoted 'Facts' From Obamacare 'Architect' That She Claims She Never 'Personally' Worked With

According to an article this morning on, former Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius said that “she never worked with Gruber ‘personally’ though he worked ‘with a number of our agencies.’" Jonathan Gruber is the MIT professor who has been caught on videotape numerous times stating that the “stupidity of the American voter” was critical to Obamacare passage. 24 Nov 2014

Reports: Ferguson Grand Jury Has Reached Decision

A grand jury has reached a decision about whether to indict a Ferguson police officer in the shooting death of Michael Brown, a spokesman for St. Louis County's top prosecutor said Monday -- and will deliver a verdict at 9 PM, according to reports. 24 Nov 2014

Grover Norquist Keeps Standing With Michael Bloomberg's Amnesty Lobby Group

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) successfully forced former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg’s amnesty lobby, the “Partnership for a New American Economy,” to remove references to and photos of him from its website. But Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) president Grover Norquist continues to stand with the organization on immigration. 24 Nov 2014

Obama To Chuck Hagel: 'You've Always Given It To Me Straight'

Speaking to reporters at the White House, President Obama recognized the departure of Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, after less than two years in office. Although White House sources disparaged Hagel’s term at the Defense Department after the news broke, Obama was careful to praise Hagel as a friend. “When it's mattered most, behind closed doors and in the Oval Office you've always given it to me straight and for that I will always be grateful,” Obama said. 24 Nov 2014

Slate: 'End Birthright Citizenship'

Whether you agree or disagree with President Obama’s use of his executive authority to temporarily shield 3.8 million unauthorized immigrants from the threat of deportation (on top of the 1.5 million he shielded in 2012), this much is true: The Obama administration has permanently altered the immigration debate. 24 Nov 2014

Decline and Fall: The Grim Message of The Camp of the Saints

In the first part of this series, we recalled Edward Gibbon’s magisterial history from the 18th century, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, and noted the ominous parallels for America today. In the second part of this series, we will recall a more recent—and perhaps even scarier—work from the 20th century, Jean Raspail’s The Camp of the Saints. 24 Nov 2014

Obama: Hostage-Taker on Immigration

The term "hostage-taker" has been thrown around quite a bit lately, most often at Republicans in Congress, whom President Barack Obama accused of holding the country to ransom in last year's shutdown fight over Obamacare. The latest and most brazen act of hostage-taking, however, is the President's attempt to argue that if Congress does thinks his executive action on immigration violates the Constitution, it can simply "pass a bill." 24 Nov 2014

Chinese Buying Detroit

The largest Chinatown in the U.S. may soon be Detroit. Not an area within the city, but the city itself. Chinese investors are investing heavily in the bankrupt city, so much so that it now ranks fourth among all U.S. cities for Chinese property hunters online. A Chinese international property portal,, ranked the top US cities; Detroit was fourth, behind New York, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. 24 Nov 2014

Microsoft Installs Robots for Security

If you’re planning on nefarious activity at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus, think again; Microsoft has installed security guards around the grounds that are robots 5 feet tall and weighing 300 pounds. Knightscope manufactured the robots, sans weapons, but they do feature alarms, sirens, and cameras. The alarm will alert a human security guard. 24 Nov 2014

Tense in Ferguson Ahead of Grand Jury Decision

Protesters gathered in front of the Ferguson Police Department on S. Florissant Ave. Saturday night in anticipation of the grand jury’s decision on Darren Wilson’s fate which could come as early as tomorrow. Though some protesters appeared eager to provoke, their apparent efforts were largely neutralized by the more pacifistic protesters, as well as the diplomatic presence of St. Louis County Lt. Jerry Lohr. 23 Nov 2014

Obama: Ferguson Not Selma

On Sunday, President Barack Obama said that Ferguson should not be compared to Selma and did not rule out making a visit to Ferguson after the grand jury announces its decision on whether to indict officer Darren Wilson. 23 Nov 2014

Former DC Mayor Marion Barry Dies at 78

Divisive and flamboyant, maddening and beloved, Marion Barry outshone every politician in the 40-year history of District of Columbia self-rule. But for many, his legacy was not defined by the accomplishments and failures of his four terms as mayor and long service on the D.C. Council. 23 Nov 2014

Buffalo Devastated by Snow, Threatened by Coming Floods

In the last week, Buffalo has been hit by record amounts of snow catalyzed by lake-effect snowfall. In the Buffalo area, 55 to 88 inches of snow has triggered 13 deaths and stranded thousands of cars as highways have been largely closed. The snow elicited a call for over 500 National Guard troops to fix the highways and assorted roads. 23 Nov 2014


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