Scripted: CNN Hurls Softballs, Humanizes Hillary

Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Campaigns In Iowa

We learned last month that CNN’s Brianna Keilar is quite capable of interviewing a presidential candidate. Keiler proved it when she appropriately dug into Republican Dr. Ben Carson as he tried to dodge questions on the issue of gay rights

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Marco Rubio responds to Rand Paul Twitter fight over Cuba

NY Times Quotes Communist Propaganda to Attack Rubio as Cuba’s ‘Least Favorite Son’

In an article originally titled, “Little Affinity for Marco Rubio in Cuba Despite Family Roots” (later changed to “Marco Rubio Is Hardly a Hero in Cuba. He Likes That” without explanation), Times reporter Jason Horowitz writes that “the first Cuban-American to have a plausible chance to become president of the United States is the island’s least favorite son.”

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Reuters Channels Ann Coulter: Mass Immigration Will Kill the GOP

Diversity makes everything the same, and worse, brings it down to the lowest common denominator. While Reuters cheers the impending leftist monolith that will disenfranchise every conservative voter, Coulter and candidates like Donald Trump and Scott Walker who have sensible positions on immigration show Americans can exercise control over their country — in the narrow window they still have.


5 Reasons Our Lapdog Media Agreed to Hillary’s Leash

Of all days, on the 4th of July, the anniversary of our nation’s founding through the audacious Declaration of Independence, like the stupid sheep they are, the American media agreed to be literally corralled and leashed by a powerful politician.

Border Fence in Arizona

SHOCK: Arizona Paper Decries Border Fence as Too High for Mexicans to Safely Jump

A mainstream Arizona newspaper is decrying the small section of the Arizona-Mexico border that has a 14-foot-high primary fence because it is too high for illegal immigrants to safely cross. The article, “Border Fence Jumpers Breaking Bones,” includes the claim that sections of the border with a 14-foot-high fence are “as tall as a two or three-story house” and tells the stories of several women who broke bones and were treated extensively to healthcare and surgeries at the expense of U.S. taxpayers. The writer never mentions any lives directly lost as a result of there not being a border fence in most sections, such as when Mexican nationals crossed into the U.S. and murdered father and husband Robert Rosas, a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

Fourth of July

A Joyless, Unhappy Independence Day on the Left

That liberal relative who insists on adding an unwanted addendum to the Thanksgiving prayer—”Please, God, forgive us for what we did to the Indians, for our racism, for our evil capitalism, and especially for the disposable plastic bags at the grocery store”—seemingly shows up at everybody’s dinner table. That downer dud crashes the fireworks on the Fourth of July, too.

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