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EXCLUSIVE: Secret Leaders of the Mexican Gulf Cartel Exposed

Breitbart Texas has exhausted every possible source in both U.S. and Mexican law enforcement to compile the names and images of the current Mexican Gulf cartel leadership and core members. Some of these individuals and their images have never been exposed in the public square. Exposure in media has traditionally led to increased law enforcement pressure on Mexican cartel leaders and members and resulted in the beginning of their downfalls. They are forced into hiding and can no longer enjoy their money or properly lead their organized criminal enterprises.


VIDEO: Slain Mexican Journalist Unknowingly Predicted His Own Death

As journalists from all over Mexico continue to voice out their outrage at the murder of yet another outspoken colleague, a short glimpse of a yet unaired documentary shows a chilling interview where Ruben Espinoza unknowingly predicted his death. As reported by Breitbart Texas, Espinoza’s body was found this weekend in Mexico City where the photojournalist for Proceso and Cuarto Oscuro had been hiding out after getting numerous threats from the Governor of Veracruz Javier Duarte.

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What O’Reilly’s Black Lives Matter Segment Left Out

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly did a segment on Tuesday night’s show about the Black Lives Matter movement with Washington Times writer Kelly Riddell that was solid, highlighting some of Riddell’s work about how progressive billionaire George Soros has been


How To Be Thin

Fat people are disgusting. And, worse, they’re such babies, always coming up with bullshit excuses about their big bones, hormonal problems, slow metabolisms, the “wrong gut bacteria” or, most sickeningly, their feelings. Sorry, landwhales, but no amount of whinging about your


World Implodes over Dead Lion in Zimbabwe, Ignores Planned Parenthood

On Tuesday, the world lost its collective mind – whatever is left of it, anyway – when media discovered the identity of the killer of a Zimbabwean named Cecil. Cecil is a lion. Cecil, a lion, was by most accounts “one of Africa’s most famous lions.” Cecil, incredibly, was famous for being a lion, not for curing cancer, although you wouldn’t know that by the media coverage.

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