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‘We Know Our Nation Is in Trouble,’ Says Franklin Graham at Texas Capitol

Franklin Graham greeted thousands who were gathered by the south steps of the Texas Capitol in Austin for this stop on his Decision America Tour 2016. Graham is traveling through every state in the country he says “to challenge Christians to live out their faith at home, in public and at the ballot box.” He is also sharing the Gospel.

Ted Cruz: Delegate Battle for Nomination Now a Two-Man Race

Republican candidate and Texas Ted Cruz told supporters in Houston this is now a tw0-man race for the nomination. The senator began the day of this major primary just 90 delegates behind GOP front-runner Donald Trump. After Tuesday night, he found himself with an estimated 36 of the 301 delegates at stake on election day.

Franklin Graham

The Breitbart Interview With Franklin Graham: The Government ‘Has Marginalized the Church’

The Breitbart News interview with Franklin Graham comes one day after he launched his 50 state “Decision America 2016” tour on the steps of the State Capitol in Des Moines, Iowa. Graham’s goal is to encourage Christians to participate in the political process this election cycle by voting for candidates who support Biblical values and considering their own run for office.

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Franklin Graham Leaves GOP Over Planned Parenthood Funding

Evangelist Franklin Graham announced Tuesday he is leaving the Republican Party following the GOP’s cave to Democrats last week in the $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill. Graham particularly likened the continued taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood in the bill to

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Franklin Graham: ‘Jesus Was a Refugee’

Christian Evangelist Franklin Graham has called for prayers for refugees flooding into Europe, telling his followers that as a child, Jesus was a refugee in Egypt because his parents had to flee from Nazareth to avoid the murderous wrath of King Herod.