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Anthony Davis

NBA Uses All-Star Weekend to Double Down on Social Justice Driven ‘Equality’ Campaign

On this All-Star weekend, Nike used the entire side of a building to let you know that they’re actively solving the problem of racism in the world. Across from the Superdome, a giant image of New Orleans Pelicans Power Forward Anthony Davis graced the side of a building along with the word “Equality” and the Nike swoosh, marking it as part of the advertising campaign launched by LeBron and others last week.

Tiger Woods

Nike to End Golf Equipment Manufacturing

Despite supplying the weapons of choice for golf legend Tiger Woods and current number four ranked player in the world, Rory McIlroy, Nike Golf calls it quits on their club-making equipment business.

Trent Steelman

West Point Sports Undergo Branding Makeover

On Monday, April 13, all 28 West Point athletic programs will launch a new matrix of logos, lettering and uniform numerals designed to pay greater tribute to the identity of the U.S. Army, Army leadership, and the mission of the Army’s sports program.