Man Who Allegedly Butchered Dogs for Taco Meat Arrested in Mexico

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Authorities in central Mexico arrested a man who is believed to have collected close to 100 dogs that he would fatten up, butcher, and allegedly sell as meat for tacos.

This week, the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office carried out a raid at a house in the town of Netzahualcoyotl after receiving information that a man was collecting dogs there and allegedly butchering them for meat. According to information released by authorities, they found more than 70 dogs in poor condition inside the house during the raid.

As a result of the raid, the Netzahualcoyotl Municipal Police and several animal rights groups worked to secure the dozens of dogs inside the building and move them to various shelters so they could be checked. Local police officers reported that none of the dogs would be put down and they would work to place them in proper care.

According to El Sol de Toluca, the case began when an animal rights group and various neighbors complained that a house in their neighborhood was being used as a dog slaughterhouse. The neighbors claimed the person living in that house would collect stray dogs, fatten them up, and that between midnight and 3 am they could hear the animals cry out as they were being butchered and that taco vendors would arrive early in the morning to collect the meat.

State prosecutors have not revealed the identity of the man in custody nor the charges that he is facing. However, El Sol de Toluca reported that the man would sell the meat from the butchered dogs to various taco stands in the region. The man’s sister told the newspaper that the man did not butcher the animals but would simply rescue as many dogs as he could find in the streets.

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“L.P. Contreras” from Mexico City contributed to this report. 


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