Report: Mexican ‘Witch’ Killed While Trying to Kidnap Baby for Sacrifice to Patron ‘Saint’ of Cartels

Detail of a Santa Muerte (Holy Death) figurine with Aztec culture features during the reli
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A Mexican “witch” who reportedly had cartel ties was killed June 30 after trying to kidnap a baby from his parents to use him as a sacrifice.

The woman, identified as 33-year-old Maria Guadalupe R.M., allegedly wanted to use the child’s death as a sacrifice to the patron “saint” of cartels, Santa Muerte (“Saint Death”), the Daily Mail reported Monday, citing a Norte Digital article.

An image shows the woman:

Prior to the attempted kidnapping the woman told her nephew, the baby’s father, she believed a deceased family member had been reincarnated as the baby and allegedly broke into the Juarez home to get the baby.

However, the woman’s 23-year-old nephew, whose name is Carlos Gabriel C.R., reportedly killed the woman with a baseball bat.

“Two unidentified men, who are still on the run, were also in the home to aid in his son’s kidnapping, but they were scared off by neighbors who alerted the cops about what was going on,” the report continued, noting that Guadalupe allegedly practiced satanic worship.

“She also had ties to the notorious street gang Los Mexicles, the armed goons for the Sinaloa drug cartel, formerly run by drug kingpin El Chapo Guzman, who is imprisoned in the US, Mexican authorities confirm,” the Mail article said. The article also stated it was unclear if the baby was hurt during the incident.

Although his father turned himself in, he was later released once officials determined it was a case of self-defense.

In a 2013 article on the FBI’s website, Robert J. Bunker, Ph.D., wrote about the narcotics wars in Mexico:

One component entails the rise of the cartel and gang narcocultura (drug culture) variant of the Cult of Santa Muerte (literally translated as “Holy Death”).2 This variant of the cult promotes greater levels of criminality than the more mainstream and older forms of Santa Muerte worship. Sometimes it can be so extreme that it condones morally corrupt behaviors—what many people would consider as resulting from an evil value system that rewards personal gain above all else, promoting the intentional pain and suffering of others, and, even, viewing killing as a pleasurable activity.

The Mail article noted the Catholic Church has denounced the “saint” called Santa Muerte.

In 2019, local and military forces in Mexico City carried out a huge raid and found tunnels and stash houses where cartels handled drugs and weapons and engaged in witchcraft, Breitbart News reported.

“During the raid, authorities found various shrines used for witchcraft rituals where human remains were apparently used as offerings or ornaments,” the outlet said.


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