Hollywood Playbook: Today's Top 5 News Items

Hollywood Playbook: Today's Top 5 News Items

1. Netflix Streaming’s World Domination Marches On

There is no way for me to prove this because all the old sites I used to write for have been pulled off the web, but before there was a Netflix Streaming I was talking about how Streaming would take over the way we watch television. Since the invention of the home Betamax, the idea of watching what we want when we want was only going to grow in the American public, especially in younger folks who knew nothing else.

And it is happening and it is a beautiful thing for both our pocketbooks and culture. No longer will the left-wing entertainment multi-nationals be able to collectively program, control, and dominate what our country watches and is affected by.

And when that day finally arrives, all the left-wing elites will have left is to lie about “Girls” being a hit show.


2. Jay Leno Graciously Steps Down from ‘The Tonight Show’

Leno has been nothing but gracious in the wake of his firing by NBC and being replaced by Jimmy Fallon. That graciousness will be on display again in Sunday’s  “60 Minutes” profile:

Leno is a fierce competitor, though, and knows he is going out on top, even among the all-important 25-54 year old viewers.

Another network would be insane not to scoop him up and Leno doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy who is ready to go into quiet retirement. He might not be able to take all of his audience with him to a Fox or wherever, but he could probably take enough people to end the dominance of “The Tonight Show” as number one.

When Leno took over 20 years ago, he had two advantages Fallon doesn’t: Carson did retire and “Tonight Show” viewers were already comfortable with Leno because he had been Carson’s permanent guest host.

NBC is desperate to keep Leno in the family but thus far Leno has refused to discuss any future plans. It is a deafening silence.


3. Sundance 2014 Flops

One measly breakout hit out of a gajillion screenings… that’s all it takes for the foo foo Sundance Film Festival to be considered a hit. This year, there wasn’t even that.

Sundance is where movies play for people at Sundance. No one else sees them. No one.


4. Kurt Russell: “Life is full of curveballs”


 Hollywood is still reeling from Paul Walker’s tragic passing late last year.

The late actor’s Fast & the Furious 7 costar Kurt Russell opened up about Walker’s death and gave an update about the film’s production status.

“They’re having to rewrite, they’re having to do whatever they’re having to do to deal with the situation. Listen, it’s catastrophic. It’s the worst thing that could happen to a movie,” he said during an appearance at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this week.

“But it’s not as bad as what happened to Paul. So everything is in perspective. He was a terrific guy and life is full of curveballs.”


5. In Case You Haven’t Heard, Justin Bieber Was Arrested…

Smoke some pot, drag race in a Lamborghini, and the media delivers more publicity than any amount of money can ever buy.

Thankfully, whenever the media pours the spotlight on  young, spoiled celebrity attention-whores, it always ends well.



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