London Islamists: 'Jihad is a Noble Aim, In Order to Bring Sharia to the UK'

London Islamists: 'Jihad is a Noble Aim, In Order to Bring Sharia to the UK'

Two parts of an incredible investigation have been published by America’s ABC News this week, exposing London-based Islamists, as well as casting a sceptical eye on the English Defence League (EDL). 

ABC’s London correspondent, Lama Hasan met with Islamists associated with the ‘Muslim Patrols’ and Anjem Choudary’s banned al-Muhajiroun (now ‘Need4Khilafah‘) group. Hasan also spent time with former EDL leader Tommy Robinson, who is now in prison in the UK for mortgage fraud. 

The videos are a fascinating insight into the tensions between the two groups in London, and Hasan was clearly more shocked at the behaviour and ideology of the Islamist radicals than those of the EDL. 

As a Muslim woman, Hasan says she was shocked to be confronted with intolerance from Muslims, and stated, “As much as I disagree with the tactics of the EDL, I understand Tommy Robinson’s anger, because like most Muslims I condemn any violence committed in the name of Allah”. 

The first clip below shows Hasan meeting Anjem Choudary, who refuses to shake her hand because she is a woman. She also spends time with one of London’s Shariah Patrols, who claim it is their job to “bring Sharia to the UK”. 

When asked if he would use violent means to implement Shariah law, convert and Choudary-acolyte Abu Rumaysah says, “[You] never know in the future what lies ahead… the Jihad is not a bad thing. It is a noble aim. When the Sharia is established I think that will be the beginning of the end of the United States of America, of Britain, of Europe and the entire world which is currently being governed by man-made law”. 

In the second video, below, Hasan investigates Tommy Robinson’s defection away from the EDL, fearing that the movement was turning into a radically racist organisation. 

Hasan followed Robinson through his hometown in Luton, where he was violently attacked. She described the scenario as “very, very frightening”. Robinson ends the piece with a stark warning: “America is going to see first hand what’s going to happen. How their freedom’s will be under attack. This is what’s happening. This is coming your way.”