Delingpole: Looming Brexit Betrayal – It’s Even Worse than You Feared…

LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 05: Protesters demonstrate against Prime Minister Theresa May's Chequers plan for Brexit outside the gates of Downing Street on September 5, 2018 in London, England. The former Governor of the Bank of England Lord King has criticised the Government's handling of Brexit negotiations, labelling the preparations …
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I have some inside dirt on the ongoing betrayal of Brexit by our liberal elite Establishment. The news is not good. Here is what I hear:

European Research Group — hoist by their own petard.

Remainers have been having an absolute field day crowing about the failure of Brexiteer Tory MPs to unseat Theresa May in Wednesday’s confidence vote. Why on earth did they time it so badly — submitting those 48 letters at a moment when they were almost certain to lose the vote? The story I hear is that they didn’t. The timing was decided for them by none other than May’s hamster-faced Chief of Staff Gavin Barwell who, it is said, deliberately released some of the 48 letters which had previously been withheld in order to force the issue.

Remainers are on serious manoeuvres

Gavin Barwell, in cahoots with fellow Remainer David Lidington (Minister for the Cabinet Office), is holding talks with Labour MPs regarding their preferred — and the most likely — option at this stage: a Second Referendum. The terms of this referendum will, of course, be so rigged as to divide the Brexit vote and secure something much closer to Remain and many miles from the Brexit that the majority voted for in June 2016.

Meanwhile, Cabinet Office lawyers are busy working on ways to revoke Article 50 (Britain’s exit from the European Union). Furthermore, Lidington, Amber Rudd, Philip Hammond, and the rest of the Remainer Conservative cabal are plotting a series of free votes in Parliament (the deal, no deal, Norway, second referendum), confident that the second referendum is the only thing Parliament will go for…

Tony Blair’s filthy paw prints are all over this…

“The pretty straight kind of guy”, friend to sleazy billionaire global despots, and as-yet-unconvicted war criminal has persuaded the European Commission that No Deal is not a viable option for the UK and will never happen. He has told them that the public is against Brexit and that a second referendum will deliver a Remain result. For this reason, the EU’s negotiators are in no hurry to offer Theresa May any kind of improvement on their current deal offer: they think she’s stuck with it regardless.

Labour’s strategy — devised by Jeremy Corbyn’s sinister puppet master, Wykehamist Stalinist Seumas Milne

Labour is content largely to watch while the Tory party destroys itself. They are hoping for a No Deal, which they see as the best hope of delivering Brexit chaos followed — they are calculating — by a General Election which they will win. They don’t want to push for a second referendum themselves because they fear a backlash from their working class Brexit-supporting voters. However, while they will not initiate a second referendum, their shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has argued they should support one if it comes along.

It’s becoming increasingly clear, isn’t it, that all the events leading up to Brexit referendum vote in June 2016 were completely irrelevant. Worse, the victory won by the 17.4 million people who voted Brexit, was an illusory triumph. So busy were the Brexiteers celebrating and imagining that they had won that they didn’t notice the galvanising effect this had on the Remainer Establishment — which only redoubled its efforts to make sure Brexit never happened.

This is all going to get very ugly, isn’t it?


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