WATCH: BLM Radical Sasha Johnson Arrested by London’s COVID Cops

Sasha Johnson
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

BLM leader Sasha Johnson, a self-described ‘Black Panther’, has been arrested by London’s Metropolitan Police Service (the Met) for allegedly breaching Britain’s draconian coronavirus restrictions on public gatherings.

In footage released on social media by the conservative student organisation Turning Point UK, the Black Lives Matter leader was seen being arrested by police outside Number 10 Downing Street, the official residence of the Prime Minister.

The video shows the BLM radical being told that she has been “warned to leave the area” by police officers, who informed her that she was being arrested for gathering in public with more than two people.

Sasha Johnson shouted out “no justice, no peace!” as she was being hauled into a police van.

“Look how many of you it took, look how many of you… cowards!” she shouted as the officers locked her in the van.

In a statement, the Met said that police officers dealt with a “number of separate gatherings in central London on Saturday, 16 January, making a total of nine arrests.”

“At around 1700hrs officers dispersed a small gathering in Parliament Square. Officers engaged with those present and the majority dispersed. Five people were arrested for breaching Health Protection regulations. One other person was reported by a means of a Fixed Penalty notice for breaching Health Protection Regulations,” the statement continued.

Sasha Johnson rose to national prominence after a viral Breitbart London captured her saying: “The police is no different from the KKK” at a BLM protest in Parliament Square in July.

In August, Ms Johnson announced the formation of “the first black-led political party in the UK”, the Taking the Initiative Party (TTIP), which she later claimed was just “black founded”.

In December, the radical activist revealed that the party is advocating for a “race offenders’ register” for people found to have committed microaggressions against minority groups. She went on to call for “Holocaust-style” reparations for black people in the United Kingdom for historical slavery and because, as she claims, capitalism “holds us down”.

During months of Black Lives Matter protests last summer, police in Britain were reluctant to crack down on the leftist demonstrations for breaching coronavirus restrictions, with Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick admitting that police took a hands-off approach to BLM out of fear of sparking “serious disorder”.

This has not been the case for numerous anti-lockdown demonstrations, in which police took much sterner measures, often forcibly, against protesters.

Following the introduction of another national lockdown by Prime Minster Boris Johnson in November, police in London have seemingly taken an aggressive stance against any protests in the capital, arresting 190 anti-lockdown activists during one march in November for supposedly breaching the ban on “illegal gatherings”.

In a video released on her social media following her arrest and release, Johnson filmed a group of very young children in her home, some in military-style clothes, leading them in Black Lives Matter chants of “Black Power!” and “One solution, revolution!”

Turning the camera on herself, Johnson went on to say: “Some of you on Twitter are like ‘oh yeah, glad she got arrested’, bitch, it’s you next.”

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