EU Must Adopt ‘Christian Roots and Culture’ and Rework Bloc Parliament – Hungary

Delegates take the oath in the main hall of the parliament building during the opening session of Hungary's new parliament in Budapest on May 2, 2022. (Photo by Attila KISBENEDEK / AFP) (Photo by ATTILA KISBENEDEK/AFP via Getty Images)

Hungary has told the European Union that it must adopt “Christian roots and culture”, as well as rework the union’s “dead end” European parliament.

Lawmakers in Hungary voted 130 to 50 in favour of a resolution that mandates the country’s government to push for a number of structural reforms at the EU level, including a rework of the union’s parliament, as well as to make the bloc adopt “Christian roots and culture”.

The passed resolution also mandates the country’s government to force the union to hand back powers to individual member states, as well as take an ideologically neutral stance in its operations at a time when the union is desperately trying to push for further “EU Empire” style federalisation.

According to a report by Magyar Nemzet, the current framework that the EU is operating under is not fit for dealing with the consequences of the Ukraine war, as well as the crises brought about due to the placement of sanctions on Russia.

“As a result of the war and the ill-considered sanctions decisions against Russia, Europe has entered an era of crises and uncertainties, however, the EU’s current treaty framework is not suitable to serve as a basis for cooperation in this era,” the publication reports the resolution as reading.

“European democracy must be led out of the dead end into which the European Parliament has steered it,” it is also reported as saying. “The European Union must change because it is unprepared for the challenges of our times.”

To this end, Hungarian authorities are now pushing for the EU’s parliament to be made up of national representatives hand-picked by officials from individual nation states, a change in the opposite direction compared to the future of trans-national elections Eurocrats in Brussels are so desperate for.

The resolution also calls for the bloc to abandon its dreams of further structural unity, ban taking on more EU-level debt, and mandate the European Commission to be both politically and ideologically neutral, along with a host of other reforms.

Hungary’s list of EU-level reforms comes at a time when the EU is desperately fighting to erode the powers of individual nation states due to the actions of both Hungary and Poland in refusing to go along with certain schemes dreamt up in Brussels.

In particular, Viktor Orbán’s refusal to play ball with planned bloc-wide reforms on taxes has led to the union loyalists demanding that the idea that individual nation states can veto EU measures be done away with.

“No more selfish blockades of European decisions by individual member states. No more national solo efforts that damage Europe as a whole,” Europhile German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said in regards to the issue, with those within the EU’s parliament also calling for an end to national vetoes, saying that they “have consistently hampered progress in many key tax policy areas” and risk “perpetuating harmful tax practices and social injustices that prevent the Union from functioning effectively”.

Such a move to end the national veto has been described as a measure leading up to an “EU Empire” that would render individual nation states mere tax colonies of Europe.

“This means that the EU could shape the German tax system completely against the will of the Bundestag and the federal government,” Alternative für Deutschland MEP Dr. Gunnar Beck previously explained to Breitbart Europe, describing the move as “Besteuerung ohne Vertretung, ie ‘taxation without representation’.”

“It would degrade Germany from an EU member state to a tax colony of the EU empire,” Dr. Beck went on to say.

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