Canadian General Sues Trudeau Govt for Millions After Sex Assault Acquittal

Major General Dany Fortin, vice president of logistics and operations at Public Health Age
David Kawai/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Major General Dany Fortin has launched a suit against the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for $6 million after he was removed from heading the coronavirus vaccine rollout over sexual assault allegations.

Major General Fortin filed his lawsuit on Wednesday at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, alleging that the Trudeau government acted in a “reprehensible, extreme, flagrant and high-handed” manner in 2021.

Fortin was charged with sexual assault in August of 2021 as a result of allegations from 1988 when he was enrolled in the Canadian military college, but he was acquitted of the charges in December of last year, the National Post newspaper reports.

The lawsuit claims that Fortin was defamed and accuses government officials of disclosing private information inappropriately as well as negligence in their investigation, breaching confidence and conspiracy to cause damage to him.

Thomas Conway, Fortin’s lawyer, stated: “He was not afforded due process… It’s caused him the kind of grief that you expect anyone would go through, facing the kinds of allegations that he had to face publicly.”

“There is a certain, I would say, chill that has descended over the Canadian Armed Forces relating to all of these allegations of sexual misconduct,” Conway said. “And we are not by any means trying to trivialize that issue. Not by any means. It’s a serious issue. However, unfortunately, everyone seems to have tossed out the notion that someone is entitled to a fair process.”

Prime Minister Trudeau is specifically named in the lawsuit, which also alleges Fortin was removed from his position for political reasons, along with former defence minister Harjit Sajjan, former health minister Patty Hajdu, and several other government and military officials.

The suit is just the latest problem for Trudeau and his government, which is currently in the middle of a scandal that has seen his Liberal Party accused of benefitting from Chinese Communist Party (CCP) election interference.

While Trudeau has appointed former governor general David Johnston as a special rapporteur on foreign interference to determine if a formal inquiry is needed, leaked memos claim that Trudeau and other senior government officials already knew of CCP interference allegations.

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