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Fenway Park to Host Large Tribute for Vietnam Vets

Boston’s famous Fenway Park will host a touching tribute to Vietnam veterans on Saturday. Prior to the Red Sox game against the Yankees, more than 1,300 Vietnam vets and their families will be honored. The ceremony will include Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul LaCamera and other military representatives.

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Veterans Day: The American Devotion to Military Service

It is a long-term and striking characteristic of the American people to show particular devotion to their soldiers. The famed French observer of American life, Alexis de Tocqueville, understood in the 1830’s how the people of a participatory republic like the United States would be both fierce in war and show an uncommon devotion to those who had served in the military.

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Exclusive — Petraeus: Grant’s ‘I Propose to Fight It Out’ Key to Victory

Petraeus noted that following six unsuccessful Union commanders, Grant was “the first one who developed a true strategy for the North”—one that included not only a number of coordinated movements in the East, aimed at defeating Lee and his Army of Northern Virginia, but also including actions in other theaters of the war.

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