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Miss AI: The World’s First Beauty Pageant for AI-Generated Models

In a major twist on traditional beauty pageants, the inaugural “Miss AI” pageant is showcasing contestants who exist solely in the digital realm, created using generative AI. Although the women may be purely digital, in the face of beauty pageants selecting transgender winners, Miss AI may be a refreshing return to traditional beauty standards.

AI model Seren Ay

Fact Check: Five Things to Know About Alicia Machado

In the late 1990s, as President Bill Clinton was about to face the biggest sex scandal of his political career over his affair with Monica Lewinsky, a beauty queen named Alicia Machado caused a major scandal by gaining a large amount of weight after winning the Miss Universe crown.

Machado Playboy (Joseph L. Hughes / AFP / Getty)

Filipina Wins Transgender Pageant In Thailand

PATTAYA, Thailand – Filipina Trixie Maristela was crowned Miss International Queen 2015 on Friday at a contest in Thailand billed as the world’s largest transgender pageant. The 29-year-old beat 26 other competitors for the coveted crown, with second and third

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