War on Police Spreads: 3 More Cops Ambushed Across U.S.A.

Police officers in three different states have been ambushed around the time-frame of the Dallas shooting that left five officers dead and many others injured. Officers were shot in what authorities described as “ambushes” in Missouri, Tennessee and Georgia Friday.

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Marco Rubio: ‘Blue Lives Matter’

During a rally in Georgia today, Sen. Marco Rubio recognized the important service provided by the nation’s military and law enforcement. Rubio referred to a report of three police officers who were shot on the job in Virginia, where he

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‘Blue Lives Matter’ Pro-Police Rally in Hollywood

On Saturday, roughly 100 LAPD officers joined other citizens to march through Hollywood in a show of support for the LAPD and its members. The rally was organized by the Los Angeles Police Protective League; participants wore T-shirts emblazoned, “Blue Lives Matter” and carried signs reading “Police Lives Matter”, and “They bleed blue.”

LAPD Blue Lives Matter (Jon Van Winkle / Facebook)