States Rush to Combat AI-Generated Deepfake Nudes Targeting Minors

In response to the growing issue of boys using AI apps to create and share sexually explicit images of their female classmates, state legislators across the United States are introducing bills to protect minors from this new form of exploitation. Meanwhile, Silicon Valley continues to make billions with the very AI models boys are exploiting.

Sad desperate young girl suffering from bulling and harassment at school - stock photo

ChatGPT Developer OpenAI Unveils AI Tool to Generate Video Clips

AI giant OpenAI has revealed its newest creation, an AI system named Sora that can generate realistic videos from text descriptions. As AI-generated deepfake videos already cause problems online ranging from fake porn to realistic scam calls, the advent of easy to create video comes with the potential for trouble.

OpenAI logo seen on screen with ChatGPT website displayed on mobile seen in this illustrat

‘#DignifAI’ Turns the Tables on Deepfake Porn with a Dose of AI Modesty

A new AI-generated image trend on social media, known as #DignifAI, has turned the tables on deepfake porn by creating images that add clothing to photos of scantily clad women in order to make them appear more modest. The trend has expanded to men as well, removing face tattoos and generating images of celebrities as clean cut members of society.

An Instagram model is modestly dressed

AI Platform Civitai Allows ‘Bounties’ for Creating Deepfakes of Normal People

Civitai, an online marketplace for AI models, has recently introduced a controversial feature allowing users to post “bounties” for creating deepfake images of real people, including normal people without significant public presence. Creators earn money for completing the bounties, which may be used for deepfake porn or other nefarious purposes.

Sad desperate young girl suffering from bulling and harassment at school - stock photo

Wired: Corporate America Is Embracing Deepfake Videos

In a recent article, Wired magazine notes that as deepfake technology progresses in sophistication and ease of application, many mainstream businesses are now beginning to adopt the technology that up to this point has been infamously used to generate fake and pornographic videos of celebrities.

A visitor holds a hand of AILA, or Artificial Intelligence Lightweight Android, during a d

Warner Bros. Uses Personalized Deepfakes for ‘Reminiscence’ Promo

Warner Bros. is reportedly using an interactive deepfake program to allow users to insert themselves into the studio’s latest promo for the new movie Reminiscence. AI-generated deepfake videos are often good enough to fool the average person, making famous people appear to say things they never said, or putting them in unusual situations.

Reminiscence Hugh Jackman