What Liberals Owe Phyllis Schlafly

Without Schlafly, the conservative movement would never have grown to the fighting force it has — nor would the New Left have emerged the way it did, or the “netroots,” or Sanders’s faltering “political revolution.”


Multiple AfD Members Attacked By Leftists

At least two high profile members of the Alternative for Germany Party, including a regional party chairman, have been attacked this week by left-wing extremists.


German Police Chief Shocked By Left Wing Violence

The police chief of the city of Göttingen expressed his shock at the scale of violence that has erupted towards his officers from left wing extremists who he claims view police as the enemy.

Protesters try to block access to the party congress of right-wing populist party "Alternative Fuer Deutschland" (Alternative for Germany) in Stuttgart on April 30, 2016

Left-Wing Extremists Leave ‘Identitarian’ Populist Activist In Coma

Over 800 Identitarians demonstrated in Vienna and were met by left-wing extremists who attacked them, and police, leaving one man hospitalised in a coma. Over the weekend the hipster-right wing Identitarian youth movement held one of their largest demonstrations so far in


Thousands of Brazilians Protest Outside Acting President’s Home

Thousands of leftist supporters of ousted former President Dilma Rousseff gathered in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Sunday. They want interim President Michel Temer to step down, citing the new government’s call to review the expansive social programs put in place during Rousseff’s tenure.

CORRECTION - Supporters of Brazilian suspended President Dilma Rousseff hold a protest against acting president Michel Temer, in Sao Paulo on May 22, 2016. Rousseff was suspended from office to face an impeachment trial on charges of tweaking government accounts to make them look better as she sought re-election in …

Hugo Chavez Invested 7 Mil Euros in Leaders of Spain’s Leftist Podemos Party

Late Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez poured over seven million euros into the creation of a political party in Spain run by “natural allies of the Bolivarian revolution,” according to a 2008 document appropriating Venezuelan funds to the leftist professors who would become the leaders of Podemos, now Spain’s largest third party.


Brazil: Amid Presidential Impeachment Vote, Fight Begins to Impeach Vice President, Too

Brazil’s president, Dilma Rousseff, is soon to face an impeachment vote in the nation’s House of Representatives, putting Brazil one step closer to her ouster. Possibly even more destabilizing for the country is one attorney’s efforts to force the legislature to impeach Vice President Michel Temer, as well, as Temer prepares to potentially become head of state.


Four Months Before Olympics, Brazil’s Minister of Tourism Resigns

Henrique Alves, Brazil’s Minister of Tourism, has resigned in what is being interpreted as the first of a long exodus of allies of leftist President Dilma Rousseff that may facilitate her impeachment by the legislature. It is not yet unclear who Rousseff will appoint to replace Alves and run tourism operations during the 2016 Summer Olympics.

The International Olympic Committee said Monday it is "monitoring the political developments currently affecting the country," but that it is confident Brazil will put on an "excellent" Olympics

Spanish Budget Minister to Greece: Respect EU Austerity Rules ‘As We Did’

Spanish Budget Minister Cristobal Montoro has categorically rejected any attempts to “change the rules” regarding austerity measures imposed on Greece by European Union regulations. “Europe is a club of democracies, and entering is voluntary,” he stated, implying that, should Greece’s new government refuse to impose austerity measures, they can leave the EU.


DAVI: Paris Terror Reveals Obama’s Refusal to Protect U.S.

OK, let’s get ready to rumble and stop all the polite bullsh*t. We all know that this is happening. We all know that the Jews, Christians, and the West are under attack by two forces – radical Islam and the American left.

Gunmen at car

Meet the California Landlords Who Love the Castro Regime

The Cuban dictatorship has long had its fans on the left—those who see in the Castro regime a plucky, multiracial workers’ utopia, whose advanced medical system is proof alone that it would thrive absent the bullying of the United States.

Fidel Castro, Santa Monica (Joel Pollak / Breitbart News)