Mexican Public Corruption

VIDEO: Mexican Agents Use U.S. Banks for Extorting Migrants, Claims Attorney

An immigration attorney in Mexico publicly exposed a network of immigration agents who he claims are using U.S. bank accounts to extort migrants to keep them from being deported and to release them with travel documents. The revelation comes as Mexico’s National Migration Institute is under scrutiny following a deadly fire that killed 39 migrants at one of their detention centers.

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Political Rivals Fabricated Criminal Case Against Former Mexican Governor, Say Attorneys

A group of attorneys representing a former Mexican border state governor said various government figures from Mexico’s ruling party colluded to “fabricate a false criminal case” in a failed attempt to arrest and remove the politician who belongs to a rival party. The attorneys announced they filed a criminal complaint with Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office.

Americo and AMLO

Exclusive: Murdered Cartel Member Allegedly Tied to Mexican Border State Governor’s Campaign Funds

A recently murdered drug distributor in Mexico was the key owner of a company that is under investigation for funneling funds into the campaign of the governor-elect of the border state of Nuevo Leon. The campaign funds went to the same politician whose family was previously exposed by Breitbart Texas as allegedly having embezzled millions from a former leader of the Gulf Cartel.

Nuevo Leon New Governor

EXCLUSIVA: Familia del Gobernador Electo de Nuevo León Presuntamente se Benefició del CDG

La familia inmediata del gobernador electo del estado fronterizo de Nuevo León, una larga historia de presuntamente lucrarse a través del Cártel del Golfo, según reveló una serie de documentos obtenidos por Breitbart Texas. Los padres del político supuestamente se quedaron con propiedades y cuentas del exjefe de dicha organización criminal y actualmente están bajo investigación por el uso de empresas fantasma para presuntamente ocultar fondos y evadir impuestos.

Nuevo Leon Governor

EXCLUSIVE: Family of Incoming Border-State Governor in Mexico Allegedly Profited from Gulf Cartel

The immediate family of an incoming Mexican border-state governor allegedly has a long history of profiting from the Gulf Cartel, a series of documents obtained by Breitbart Texas revealed. The parents of the politician allegedly embezzled properties and money from a captured top boss and are currently under investigation for the use of shell companies to hide funds.

Nuevo Leon Governor

Tensions Rise Between Mexican Border State and Federal Government amid Governor’s Prosecution

Tensions are rising in the Mexican border state of Tamaulipas as federal forces work to arrest the governor who claims to have prosecutorial immunity. The governor claims the arrest warrant is political in nature and ordered by Mexico’s president. The tension has led to some talk about Mexico’s federal government pushing to assume control of Tamaulipas and fully remove the elected government.

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VIDEO: Mexican Protesters Light Cop on Fire

Riots erupted in Western Mexico where protesters set fire to one police officer and physically clashed with several others. Rioters also set fire to multiple police vehicles. The incidents were not over the BLM protests in America, but to protest the death of a local day laborer who was allegedly killed by police for not wearing a coronavirus mask.

Mexico Riot

Mexican Army General Arrested During Fuel Theft Investigation

Mexican authorities arrested a retired Army general in connection with an ongoing investigation into the large-scale theft of fuel as part of an organized crime money-making scheme. The general was responsible for providing security for Mexico’s state-owned oil company (Pemex). The investigation also implicates another top general who was the chief of security for former Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto.

Pemex Security

General Retirado Arrestado por Robo de Combustible en Pemex

Las autoridades mexicanas han arrestado a un general retirado del Ejército en relación con una investigación sobre el robo de combustible a gran escala. El general trabajaba como uno de los encargados de seguridad para Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex); la investigación también implica a otro general de alto rango que era el jefe de seguridad del ex presidente mexicano Enrique Peña Nieto.

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Three Members of Mexico’s New National Guard Arrested for Kidnapping

Police arrested three members of Mexico’s newly formed militarized National Guard police force for the alleged kidnapping of a 14-year-old teen in the state of Guerrero. Authorities took the three National Guard members into custody along with an adult civilian male. The arrests came during a joint operation by investigative anti-kidnapping personnel from the state prosecutor’s office of the states of Mexico and Guerrero.

Mexican National Guards (GN) stand on the bank of the Suchiate River during a press tour organized by the GN near Ciudad Hidalgo, Mexico, Wednesday, July 3, 2019. A National Guard commander explained to the agents that they were there to support immigration enforcement, but not to interfere in the …

City Police Director Murdered by Cartel Gunmen in Mexican Border State

Cartel gunmen murdered a municipal police director from the Mexican city of Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua, while driving into the state capital on Tuesday. The attack occurred at approximately 2 p.m. as he drove his duty vehicle along the highway into the city of Chihuahua accompanied by a bodyguard who gunmen also murdered.