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Paul Ryan’s Amnesty Shorts Trump’s Promise to End Chain Migration

The amnesty bill now being drafted by House Speaker Paul Ryan would trim chain-migration by far less than sought by President Donald Trump, according to details buried in a Politico report. Trump says ending chain-migration for extended families is a


Paul Ryan Undercuts Trump on Tariffs

Speaker Paul Ryan undercut President Donald Trump on Thursday after Trump ended a delay on tariffs imposed on foreign steel and aluminum.


Ryan’s Super PAC Funds 11 of 19 Amnesty-Discharge Signers

A Super PAC which works hand-in-glove with House Speaker Paul Ryan is backing 11 of the 19 GOP legislators who have signed the discharge petition for a divisive, risky and unpopular amnesty bill before the midterms. 


Speaker Ryan Fails to Pass Farm Bill

The House passed the Farm bill that includes work requirements for Food Stamps, working towards Trump’s campaign pledge get Americans off of welfare and back to work.


Ryan Praises Trump’s Immigration Plan, But Works With Amnesty Group

House Speaker Paul Ryan described President Donald Trump four-part immigration reform as “extremely reasonable,” marking a rhetorical shift as he tries to keep his party’s cheap-labor caucus from alienating GOP voters before the November chances. 


Four Ways Speaker Ryan Can Block the Discharge Amnesty

House Speaker Paul Ryan has many tools to prevent a discharge petition from reaching the House floor — and even to prevent a clear majority of legislators from passing the planned amnesty.