Breitbart PolitiCon Panel: Shapiro, Milo, Davi, Marlow Wage ‘Hollywood Wars’

LOS ANGELES — If politics is truly located “downstream” from culture — as the late Andrew Breitbart was fond of saying — then three editors from Breitbart News and one Hollywood screen legend spent the afternoon on last Friday knee-deep in the water, wading upstream through the muck.

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Robert Davi: The ‘Debbicrats’ Are the Real Circus ‘Clowns’

Are we going to hold Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the rest of the Democratic Party accountable for their comments or let them continue to malign and define our candidates? Wasserman Schultz said even socialist Bernie Sanders is a better choice

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Exclusive—Davi: Trump, the Lion We Need

Okay, let’s get ready to rummmbbbblllleee! We are approaching the most important election in our lifetime, not only because of the life threatening issues facing our nation and the world, but also because the progressive party and the media have incrementally


Robert Davi to Play Leonid Brezhnev in Ronald Reagan Biopic

Legendary screen villain Robert Davi just nabbed his next role – the veteran actor is set to play Soviet Communist leader Leonid Brezhnev in a new biopic about the early life and presidency of Ronald Reagan.


Davi to Honor Sinatra’s 100th Birthday

On Saturday, May 9, veteran actor, singer, and Breitbart contributor Robert Davi, will be playing a very special concert at the historic Avalon in Hollywood to mark the 100th birthday of America’s greatest perfomer: Frank Sinatra. Davi will be accompanied by a 30 piece orchestra as well as many special guests.