South America

Chinese Communists Vow to ‘Promote Globalization’ in Latin America

In a Spanish-language opinion piece in one of the nation’s largest newspapers, Chinese Ambassador to Argentina Yang Wanming urged Latin American nations to increase trade ties to China, promoting Beijing’s “One Belt One Road” project and warning the Communist Party will begin a “greater push” to conquer trade in the hemisphere.

Presentación de Yang Wanming

Video: Venezuela Barges into Mercosur Trade Bloc Meeting After Being Ejected

Venezuelan foreign minister Delcy Rodríguez broke through a barrage of police and economic officials in Buenos Aires, Argentina, earlier this week in an attempt to storm into a meeting of the South American trade bloc Mercosur, which has suspended Venezuela’s membership due to its repeated violations of human rights.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez offers a press conference after holding a meeting with members of 'Commission for Truth and Justice,' in Caracas on December 2, 2016. Venezuela on Friday angrily rejected its suspension from the South American economic bloc Mercosur, saying it did not recognize the action taken by …

Report: Obama Admin Supports Refugee Deportations — of Cubans in South America

The Obama administration has promoted the use of deportations to resolve a growing refugee crisis in Colombia, Ecuador, and Central America, as more and more Cubans flee the human rights violations and deplorable economic conditions of their native land, emboldened by Obama’s “normalization” process with Cuba.

Obama finger points APPablo Martinez Monsivais

Crisis in Venezuela Reaches Apocalyptic Proportions

The situation in Venezuela has been steadily declining in the past couple of years, but in the past few weeks, it has become so dire and disturbing that scenes coming out of the socialist country are said to mirror the apocalypse.

A woman holds a sign reading 'Hunger' during a demo against the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in Caracas on May 14, 2016. Venezuela braced for protests Saturday after Maduro declared a state of emergency to combat the 'foreign aggression' he blamed for an economic crisis that has pushed …

Terror Task Force Chair: South America’s Drug Cartels Are Looking to Work with Terrorists

Returning from a week-long research trip to South America, Rep. Robert Pittenger (R-NC) tells Breitbart News that intelligence officials in multiple countries have reason to believe that drug trafficking organizations are looking to work with terrorists groups like Hezbollah, but lack the technology to catch illegal money transfers as they happen.

Congressman Robert Pittenger (R-NC) with President of Paraguay Horacio Cartes

Chile Becomes Lastest Nation in South America to Confirm Local Zika Case

One of two remaining holdouts against Zika on the Western Hemisphere has confirmed its first locally acquired case of the enigmatic virus. The government of Chile has confirmed that a Zika patient contracted the disease from a sexual partner who had been to Haiti.

aedes aegypti mosquitoes spreads zika virus