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The Jungle at Calais Will Be Demolished, Vows French Interior Minister

The French interior minister has vowed to dismantle The Jungle migrant camp outside Calais and relocate the migrants at the camp to centres around France. His promise comes as Calais locals prepare to blockade the town by taking part in a ‘go slow’ protest on the city’s roads.


Chaos on Calais Roads as Migrants Block Traffic, Attack Lorries

Footage has emerged of migrants near Calais blocking roads and attacking heavy goods vehicles, causing lorries to swerve dangerously. One migrant was killed last night after being struck by a car near the French port.   Footage shot by local


Man Who Tried to Bring Afghan Child Into UK Cleared on Migration Charges

BOULOGNE-SUR-MER, France (Reuters) —A former British soldier who tried to smuggle a four-year-old Afghan girl into Britain at her father’s request was on Thursday cleared of all charges related to aiding illegal immigration. A French court gave 49-year-old Rob Lawrie only

Rob Lawrie

Britain Could Be Forced to Open Doors to Calais Migrants

Britain may be forced to take in hundreds of migrants currently encamped at Calais, thanks to a little-known amendment to European Union (EU) law. Changes to the Dublin Regulation, which determines the legality of asylum claims, mean that migrants can

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Calais Migrants Now Have A Nightclub, Complete With Cheap Beer

The residents of the Calais camp known as The Jungle have set up shops, churches, and even a functioning nightclub replete with disco lights and cheap beer, turning the area into a functioning shanty town. In sharp contrast to the


French Police Bulldoze Calais, Fire Tear Gas At Migrants

Police in Calais have broken up a number of illegal camps, firing tear gas into the crowds. French authorities are unwilling to allow any illicit camps other than the ‘New Jungle’, which is currently home to around 3,000, but many

Calais Migrant Camps

Calais: Critics Including Le Pen Denounce Refugee Camp Upgrade

The French announcement of a €5 million (£3.65 million) upgrade to turn ‘The Jungle’ tent city at Calais into a fully appointed refugee camp has attracted criticism from all sides, including Marine Le Pen. Aid groups claim the move is inadequate but politicians warn

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