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The Obama-Blago Connection


The activist old media does not want to make this connection.

Barack Obama and Rod Blagojevich go way back. They emerged from the same cesspool that is Illinois/Chicago politics.

Obama and Rahm Emanuel helped run Blago’s first campaign for Governor of Illinois, which he has now thoroughly disgraced (if that is possible with the governorship of that state.)

Now that Blago has been convicted of trying to sell the “Obama Senate seat,” the media will work overtime to keep their beloved Dear Leader out of this. They might even try to make Obama a victim of sorts. Meanwhile, Obama played an integral role in making sure Blago got there in the first place. Obama was a “top advisor” to Blagojevich in the general election when he ran for governor in 2002.

I’ll give you $10 bucks for every time you hear the media mention that fact over the next couple days.

Emanuel says it was he and Obama who “were the top strategists of Blagojevich’s 2002 gubernatorial victory.” Thanks guys. Good job at putting Blago in office.

You can try to speculate about who was trying to cover for whom over the actual phone calls to sell the seat, but just suffice it to say, these guys are veterans of the armpit that is Chicago politics and they will protect each other whenever needed.

Bottom line here, the media work overtime to keep Obama out of the mess.

They did the same thing recently with Domique Strauss-Kahn when they ignore photos like this one and ignored the fact that Obama gave $100 billion of our tax dollars to Strauss-Kahn to bail out European banks. They went after Strauss-Kahn on the assault charge in the hotel room, but they kept the cozy relationship between Obama and Strauss-Kahn out of their news coverage.

Omission of facts to protect the Social Engineer in the White House is as bad as getting facts wrong. Facts and photos that work to tell the full story are easily omitted from the coverage to save political heroes of the left and its activist old media.


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