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Media Ignore Muslim Extremists Religious Motivation for Terror


This has now become the norm for the media.

When Muslim extremists are arrested in this country for a terror plot, the media want to give the impression that it’s the same as Johnny down the block acting out because he’s always been a tough guy looking for attention. If you’re not paying close attention you’d think Eddie Haskell could be the perp.

Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif and Walli Mujahidh, are both in their 30’s and police say they had a stash of bombs and weapons that they were going to use in an attack on a US Military center in Seattle. The facility also had a day care center.

MSNBC did 10 seconds on the story and just called them “two men” who were arrested. Pictures, but no names.

CNN called them US citizens, which is correct but ignored religion or ideology. They said:

“Two US citizens allegedly planned to shoot up a military recruiting station in Seattle. The city’s mayor says they tried to hire a third man, he went to police. Court records show the suspects wanted to retaliate for alleged crimes by US soldiers in Afghanistan. “

Here’s how KING TV in Seattle covered it. No mention of the suspects religion or motivation.

Viewers and readers are left to figure it out on their own—and of course, we can, but no thanks to those who say it’s their job to inform and provide context.

NBC gave it :15 seconds. No names. No mention of religious motivation, just that the suspects wanted to repeat what happened at Ft. Hood.

You remember Ft. Hood, doncha? The activist old media and their administration in DC have still not called that a terrorist attack.

Since that terrorist attack on Ft. Hood, where a Muslim extremist killed 13 soldiers and injured many more, this administration its media have been more than willing to protect the personalities and motivation of terrorists who attack in this country.

To his credit, ABC’s Brian Ross did an extensive story on the terrorist plot and pointed out that their pair are Islamic radicals. I guess we should give credit to media who actually do their job these days.

But generally, same media that can’t wait to tell you the religion of Republican presidential candidates (did you know Romney and Huntsman are Mormon?) skips over religion and ideology when it’s clearly the motivating factor behind attacks and attempted attacks.

Never forget the mantra of the media—they are they to “protect you,” but only when it’s politically correct.


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