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Danger of Centralized Government: CDC Failed To Do Its One Job

The one thing Americans expect the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to do in the case of an Ebola outbreak is to run to the location with spacesuits, procedures and protocols. The CDC has ONE JOB: To send teams to outbreak locations to ensure everyone knows what to do and how to protect themselves and others. Yet, after all the happy talk assurances that "We got this," the CDC admits it did not do that. Oct 15, 2014 7:37 AM PT

Wendy Davis Ad Uses Empty Wheelchair to Attack Paraplegic Greg Abbott

Democrat gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis has just launched a new attack ad against her opponent, Republican Greg Abbott, that features an empty wheelchair. Abbott, the current Attorney General of Texas, has been a wheelchair-bound paraplegic since 1984 after a tree fell on him. Oct 10, 2014 12:55 PM PT

Gallup: Obama Job Approval Plunges to 39%

Gallup's 3-day rolling poll found President Obama's job approval back at 39% Friday. His disapproval rating climbed to 56%, which puts the president 17 points underwater. This nearly matches Obama's lowest showing on this particular poll, which is 38% from early September of this year. Oct 10, 2014 12:29 PM PT

CNN Under Fire Over Treatment of Black Employees

While CNN is publicly becoming more and more infamous for its on-air race baiting based on nothing more than unfounded speculation and a cynical political agenda, behind the scenes the leftwing cable news network is under fire for its treatment of black employees. Oct 10, 2014 11:37 AM PT

Reza Aslan: Bill Maher's Anti-Muslim Crusade is 'Frank Bigotry'

Salon spoke with author Reza Aslan about his thoughts on what the leftwing outlet describes as Bill Maher's "anti-Muslim crusade." Aslan, a four-time guest on Maher's show, claims that what Maher, Fox News and CNN are now doing is different and "frank bigotry." Oct 10, 2014 9:49 AM PT

'Dracula Untold' Review: Tedious First-Act of Wannabe Superhero Franchise

As far as its story structure, "Dracula Untold" is reminiscent of the last truly great movie M. Night Shyamalan directed way back in 2000, "Unbreakable." What we have here is the first act of a superhero film spread out over feature-length. The problem with "Dracula Untold" is that you have no desire to see act two. Oct 10, 2014 8:10 AM PT

CNN's Jay Carney Was White House Spokesman During Alleged Prostitution Cover Up

At the time, during President Obama's 2012 reelection campaign, former White House Press Secretary and current CNN employee Jay Carney, repeatedly told the White House Press Corps that no one in the administration was involved in or was being investigated for a Colombian prostitution scandal that ripped through the Secret Service. The Washington Post now says that wasn't true. Oct 9, 2014 11:04 AM PT

Ari Fleischer Blasts CNN for Ignoring White House Hooker Scandal

Former White House press secretary for George W. Bush, Ari Fleischer, took to Twitter to blast his former-employers at CNN for ignoring a Washington Post front page story that details the White House's election year cover up of a prostitution scandal. The latest apparent lie from the Obama White House involves both the Secret Service and a member of President Obama's own advance team enjoying hookers in Columbia. Oct 9, 2014 9:56 AM PT

Poll: 58% Want Flights from Ebola Countries Banned

An NBC News poll released Thursday reveals an American public unhappy with the Obama Administration's response to the terrible Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and the potential for the same to occur here. A full 58% of respondents disagree with the White House on banning flights from Ebola-afflicted countries. They want the flights banned. The Administration has so far refused. Oct 9, 2014 8:46 AM PT

Iowa Senate Candidates Tell George Stephanopoulos to Stay Home

That fact that North Carolina Republican Senate candidate Thom Tillis agreed to have George Stephanopolous moderate his most recent debate with Kay Hagan (and Norah O'Donnell from CBS moderate the first), makes me question his judgment. In Iowa, however, both the Republican and Democrat Senate candidates wisely told ABC's George Stephanopoulos to stay home. Oct 9, 2014 7:19 AM PT

Leno Nears Deal for Primetime CNBC Auto Show

THR reports that Jay Leno is close to a deal that will ensure his return to television stays within the NBC family. The former "Tonight Show" host will try to rescue CNBC from its abysmal ratings by hosting a program that will air in primetime and focus on his love of automobiles. Oct 8, 2014 10:36 AM PT


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