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And THIS Is Why Monkeys Still Get Sent To Space

In response to Zen and the Art of Two Dogs Yowling at Each Other on Skype :

Ace points out how two dogs can howl at each other using Skype.  

Let's not forget, sixty years ago the Soviet Union sent a dog into space to orbit the earth.  America responded with a monkey and the space race was engaged.  

Here we are in the 21st century and Iran has finally figured out how to do what we did back in the 50's.  Yet they chose to send a monkey up instead of a dog.  

What does this tell us?  

As much progress dogs have made in their advancement in modern technology, monkeys are still stuck in the Eisenhauer era.  

Take that Darwin!

(Yes, I know we sent a chimp, not a monkey, but it just makes for a funnier story... go with it)


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