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Suddenly Media Worried Over Reporting Race-Based Motive of Killer of White Reporters

During the reporting of the murders in a black church in Charleston, the assumed racist motive of the shooter, white man Dylann Roof, was immediately the talk of the media. But now, after an African American murdered two white former co-workers and then released a 23-page, race-tinged manifesto, some in the media are suddenly squeamish about reporting the race-based motives of the killer.


EPA Can’t Figure Out What to Do with 300 Million Tons of Animal Poop

When President Obama came into office, his appointees to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) promised anti-farm activists and other environmental groups that a crackdown on animal waste was in the works. But nearly seven years later, no new rules have been proposed on how to further restrict about 300 million tons per year of animal waste, causing activists to cry foul.

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NHL Forces Marijuana Edibles Company to Change Stock Symbol

The National Hockey League may be advocating for a high-flying sport, but it is certainly keen to protect its NHL image. So keen, in fact, that it forced a marijuana edibles company with the initials NHL to change its name on the Canadian stock exchange so as not to be confused with the famed sports league.

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