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Finnish Police Officers to Get Submachine Guns

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Police in Finland released a third suspect Friday in a fatal stabbing attack allegedly carried out by a Moroccan asylum-seeker, a development that came hours after the Nordic country’s news agency said officers will be issued MP5 submachine guns in addition to their normal equipment.

Donald Trump Offers Chicago Help with Its Murder Rate

As the year ended and the bloodletting in Chicago was tallied at nearly 800 murders, President-elect Donald J. Trump took to Twitter to decry the massive loss of life and chided the Windy City’s mayor for his seeming inability to do anything about the mayhem in his city.


Supreme Court Second Amendment Case Could Overrule Heller Decision in 2017

WASHINGTON—For the first time in U.S. history, a federal appeals court on Friday struck down a federal gun-control law for violating the Second Amendment, meaning that next year the Supreme Court will hear a case that includes the opportunity to abolish citizens’ right to bear arms by overruling the Court’s famous Heller precedent.


April Ryan Scolds Matthews For Gun Analogy, ‘Be Careful’

On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Hardball,” American Urban Radio Networks White House Correspondent and Washington Bureau Chief April Ryan told host Chris Matthews to “Be careful” with a gun analogy. After Matthews said that Senator Elizabeth Warren is “pistol-popping” and

Democrats Applaud Media for Boosting Gun Control ‘Sit In’

A group of Democrat Representatives ended their overnight “sit in” on the floor of the lower chamber without achieving their goal of forcing the House of Representatives to take up new gun control legislation. But as they congratulated themselves, they also had some praise and “thank yous” for reporters giving free advertising for their anti-gun stunt.