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Campaign Grinding Down Cruz, Trump Favorables

A new survey from Gallup shows the Republican campaign for President is grinding down favorable ratings for Sen. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Cruz’s image among Republican voters has fallen the most of the three major remaining candidates. Trump’s image, after hitting a high point last Summer, is back near its campaign lows.

Ben Carson Calls For Ted Cruz To Take Accountability

GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson is responding to the recent article by Breitbart News revealing that Sen. Ted Cruz’s campaign also made phone calls to precinct captains – in addition to sending out emails – during the Iowa caucus to urge Carson supporters to caucus for Cruz because a breaking news story suggested Carson was “suspending campaigning.”

La Opinión

La Opinión: Marco Rubio Is a ‘Republican Obama’

Wednesday’s cover of La Opinión, the nation’s largest daily Spanish-language newspaper, prominently portrays donor-class favorite Sen. Marco Rubio with the infamous “hope and change” imagery that defined Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

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Exit Polls: Late Movement Hurt Donald Trump, Boosted Marco Rubio

With Ted Cruz’s come-from-behind victory in Iowa and Marco Rubio’s surge, we now move forward to New Hampshire knowing less than we did coming into Iowa. Will Donald Trump collapse? Does Rubio have any plans to win any state before mid-March? Can Cruz consolidate enough support to stop either one of the other two candidates? Iowa gave us few indicators.

Scarborough: Rubio Is the ‘Republican Obama’

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough reacted to Rubio post-Iowa Caucus speech from a night earlier, where he finished third overall. After airing a clip comparing Rubio’s speech to then-Sen. Barack Obama’s victory speech after the 2008 Iowa

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Bloomberg: Iowa’s Decision is ‘Trump Strength or Cruz’s Purity’

As Iowans finally prepare to caucus Monday evening, the state’s Republican voters and the dozen candidates jockeying for their support agree on one big thing: Barack Obama’s presidency has been disastrous for America and the next president’s mission must be, in front-runner Donald Trump’s trademarked phrase, to “make America great again.” But the two leading candidates, Trump and Ted Cruz, are offering these disaffected voters two very different solutions for how they would achieve this.

Krauthammer: GOP Race Could Tightened After Iowa, New Hampshire

Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer gave his take on the GOP presidential nominee race on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Election HQ” on Sunday. According to Krauthammer, Trump’s supporters are the most “hardcore” among the GOP presidential candidates, but he said only

Donald Trump: I’ll Be at as Many Caucuses as I Can on Monday

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump donated part of the proceeds to a veterans organization that he raised from Thursday night’s fundraiser for veterans at his campaign rally in Davenport, Iowa on Saturday night, and told his supporters that he’s going to the Iowa caucuses on Monday.