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Elijah Nouvelage/Getty

Pat Caddell: ‘Politics Has Been Reduced to Tribal Warfare’

Pollster and political analyst Pat Caddell joined Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Thursday to discuss the state of American politics, as well as the newly installed Trump administration and how “the legitimate dissent of the American people” led to his election.

This photo taken on November 24, 2016 shows the grave of a Japanese 'hidden Christian' at Karematsu forest, where believers used to hold religious ceremonies in the city of Nagasaki.
Every so often, a group in the town of Ikitsuki, near Nagasaki, meet at a local museum to recite prayers drawn from another time and place. The group, dressed in sober kimonos and sandals, rapidly make the sign of the cross as they sing a mish-mash of Portuguese, Latin and Japanese -- evoking the memory of their ancestors, the so-called 'hidden Christians', who were brutally persecuted in the 17th century, when Shoguns ruled Japan.
 / AFP / Behrouz MEHRI / TO GO WITH Japan religion history film,FEATURE BY Ursula HYZY        (Photo credit should read BEHROUZ MEHRI/AFP/Getty Images)

Dulis: Christmas Is Liberty from Politics

Most people know that Christmas is the celebration of Jesus coming to Earth as a human. They also know that we mark Easter to celebrate Jesus’s death and resurrection which conquered death and gives us forgiveness for our sins. And there is so much more good news from his life and work — conquering politics, for one!

ivanka trump

Ivanka Trump’s Fashion Brand Targeted by Political Opponents

A Hillary Clinton supporter, who describes herself as a “liberal democrat, lawyer, skeptic, feminist, LGBTQ ally, wine-lover [and] comedy geek” has started the #GrabYourWallet movement to boycott Ivanka Trump’s fashion line from major shopping outlets like Nordstrom over her father’s presidential candidacy.

Feminist Suffragettes Parliament

Feminism To Be ‘Compulsory’ In Schools

The government has backtracked on plans to stop teaching feminism as a “major political philosophy” in A-level politics. Following a typically noisy online campaign, feminism “will now be compulsory” and the number of “female thinkers” on the syllabus will be

Christian Tupou (Ezra Shaw / Getty)

NFL Defensive Tackle Has Capitol Internship in Sacramento

Cleveland Browns defensive tackle Christian Tupou, 26, who has bounced around the NFL trying to stick with a team since 2012, after his sterling career at University of Southern Caifornia, has been using his off-season to prepare for life after football, working for a month as an intern with state Sen. Jim Nielsen, R-Gerber.


For the Left, Totalitarianism Is a Feature, Not a Bug

Totalitarianism involves politicizing every corner of life, imbuing even the citizen’s choice of which fast-food chicken sandwich he consumes with political significance. People who would rather not make political statements with their lunch choices are nevertheless forced into the game defensively… because if they don’t play, and play to win, they’re going to wake up one morning and discover they have lost vital freedoms.

36th Infantry Division, Texas National Guard Soldier on the Rio Grande River. U.S. Army Photo: Maj. Randall Stillinger

REPORT: Border Security Strains Relations Between Texas and Mexico

A recent report by in the Dallas Morning News suggests that the historically strong ties between the State of Texas and Mexico may be under a considerable amount of strain. Despite the region’s powerhouse cross-border economy, recent decisions regarding illegal immigration and border security have left Mexico feeling rebuffed.

Newport Bunnies (City of Newport / Facebook)

Cute Politics: Bunny Statues Tearing Newport Beach Apart

Several Newport Beach residents and city council members are up in arms over an installation of 14 cute, life-size bunnies, deemed “BunnyHedge,” that is being labeled as a symbol of unforgivable government waste. “The bunnies, to me, they’re lighthearted and