Jaeson Jones

Mexican Cartels Are Winning the Propaganda War

Cartels repeatedly demonstrate their capabilities as effective propagandists against the general public, rivals, and even layers of Mexican or international governing bodies. Their practices try to blur the lines between criminality, terrorism, and even righteous insurgency — raising red flags for national security.


Mexican Cartel Drone Smuggling Will Increase with More Border Walls

A Mexican cartel smuggler does not change professions when a border wall is built in the middle of his route. While some criminal elements turn to tunnels in California and Arizona, narcotics traffickers along the Texas border have demonstrated an increasing adoption of commercial drones with slight modifications to move product or observe surroundings.

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Will Mexican Cartels Use Car Bombs near the Texas Border Again?

Over the past few months, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) executed a policy of choosing not to target cartel leaders with the hope of lowering overall violence. A shift began, however, on October 8 when Mexico City announced its military would actively target key figures in the state of Tamaulipas, abutting the southern Texas border region. The change could ratchet pressure on cartel chiefs to return to their use of car bombs.