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Romney Latest Politician to Enter Late Night Arena


What hath the sax-lovin’ Bill Clinton wrought?

Then-Gov. Clinton appeared on “The Arsenio Hall Show” way back in 1992 to, A. play his saxophone and B. earn some cool points along the way.

He likely did both. Now, it’s common for both presidential hopefuls and the Commander in Chief himself to appear before Letterman, Leno and their peers to win over the masses.

Former Gov. Mitt Romney joined the late night fun this week by reading “The Late Show with David Letterman’s” Top Ten List. Letterman, whose liberal biases have become crystal clear in recent years, kindly allowed Romney to speak directly to his audience.


Titled, “Things Mitt Romney Would Like to Say to the American People,” the bit included this highlight – “It’s a hairpiece …”

No doubt this won’t be the last Romney appearance on late night television should his bid to win the GOP’s presidential nomination come to pass.


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