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India Documents Its First Bird Flu Death

India recorded its first bird flu death on Tuesday after an 11-year old boy in New Delhi succumbed to complications caused by an avian flu virus of the H5N1 strain, the Times of India reported on Thursday.

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Israel Reports H5N8 Bird Flu at Farm

(REUTERS) – Israel has reported an outbreak of highly contagious H5N8 bird flu virus on a farm, a case likely due to contact with wild birds migrating from Europe, international animal health body OIE said on Monday. The outbreak occurred

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French Poultry Exports Hit By Bird Flu Outbreak

A string of countries in Asia and north Africa have banned imports of French poultry following a bird flu outbreak, the agriculture ministry said Thursday in Paris. Algeria, China, Egypt, Japan, Morocco, South Korea, Thailand and Tunisia have stopped imports

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FLASH: H7N7 Bird Flu Confirmed in Britain

A case of H7N7 bird flu has been confirmed at a farm in Lancashire, northern England. Authorities have set up a six-mile surveillance zone and three-mile “protection zone” to stop the disease from spreading. Sky News says H7N7 can spread

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Egg, Turkey Meat Prices Rise as Bird Flu Spreads

Prices for eggs and turkey meat are rising as an outbreak of bird flu in the Midwest claims an increasing number of chickens and turkeys. Market experts say grocery stores and wholesalers are trying to stock up on eggs, but there’s no need to worry about having enough turkeys for Thanksgiving.


Canadian Bird Flu Outbreak Prompts Restrictions from US

Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI), commonly known as bird flu, is a type of influenza virus that has adapted to birds but can also be transmitted to humans, often through contact with dead infected birds, or contact with infected fluids.

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