8 Gunmen Charged with Cartel Dismemberments in Cancun

Mexican authorities announced the arrest of eight gunmen in connection with the recent dismemberment of five bodies inside a taxi cab and three others left in a clandestine gravesite near the tourist hotspot of Cancun. The arrest comes as the region has seen a dramatic spike in violence, including the fatal shooting of a U.S. woman and, in a separate case, the kidnapping of a U.S. man who was held for days until authorities rescued him.

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VIDEO: Taxi Drivers Beat Uber Driver Outside Cancun Hotel

Taxi drivers in Cancun have been attacking Uber drivers and tourists in an attempt to keep a defacto monopoly on the transportation sector. Taxi drivers used bats, rocks, knives, and even handguns to intimidate and attack ride-share app drivers. At times, the taxi drivers also attacked tourists using the ride-share services.

A taxi waits outside a restaurant in the Hotel Zone of Cancun, Quintana Roo state, Mexico,

Eight Bodies Found During Search for Missing Locals in Cancun

Authorities in Mexico discovered eight bodies as they carried out a search in various locations throughout the city of Cancun for locals previously reported kidnapped or missing. The discovery and subsequent searches come at a time when the tourist hotspot is experiencing a dramatic rise in violence as rival criminal organizations fight for control of the lucrative local drug and sex trade.

Cancun missing bodies

Cartel Killings Continue to Plague Cancun, Surrounding Areas

Cartel killings and kidnappings continue to plague Cancun and the surrounding areas as cartel criminal organizations continue to battle. The groups tied to factions of the Sinaloa Cartel and Cartel Jalisco New Generation are fighting for control of the region’s lucrative drug distribution and other businesses catering to tourists.

Cancun shootout

Policías Encuentran 5 Cuerpos en Fosas Clandestinas en Cancún

Las autoridades en el punto turístico de Cancún están trabajando para identificar varios cuerpos que encontraron en dos fosas clandestinas en Cancún. El descubrimiento llega en un momento en que Cancún y otros puntos clave del Caribe mexicano están experimentando un aumento dramático en la narco-violencia.

Mexican mass grave

Watch: Cartel Gunmen in Cancún Ambush Mexican State Police

A team of cartel gunmen in the popular resort city of Cancún ambushed members of the Quintana Roo State Police. The officers traveled along a busy street in a private non-duty vehicle this past Tuesday night.  The brazen attack left one police officer in serious condition and wounded other officers and administrative staff who were also in the vehicle with non-life-threatening injuries. A civilian riding on a motorcycle nearby was also wounded by stray gunfire.

Mexican state police ambushed in Cancun by Cartel Gunmen. (Photo: Twitter/@Ejecutometro2)

Stray Cartel Gunfire Kills 11-Yr-Old Boy in Cancun, Says Family

Stray gunfire from cartel gunmen in the Mexican resort of Cancún struck and killed an 11-year old child. The stray round came from cartel gunmen who had opened fire on an adult male target. Officials transported the child to a local clinic where he died several hours later. 

Federal police in Cancun, Mexico.

Cancun Lleva 30 Ejecuciones en Enero Tras Repunte de Narco-Violencia

La violencia no se detiene en los negocios del popular centro turístico de Cancún donde el mes de Enero ha visto 30 ejecuciones relacionadas a la narco-violencia. En meses recientes el destino turístico de Cancun ha visto una escalada de violencia donde carteles rivales continúan peleando por control de la zona.

Police and soldiers take cover during an attack on the Quintana Roo state prosecutor's off

60 Mexican Resort City Cops Fired Amid Escalating Corruption

At least 60 municipal police officers working in in Cancun have been fired since June as the city struggles to maintain security conditions in the popular Mexican tourist beach area. Some of the police officers had been extorting bribes from tourists and engaging in other criminal activities. The area also continues to see thriving cartel activity.

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Mexican Cops Capture Cancun Cartel Boss

Mexican authorities arrested a woman who controlled most of the organized crime activity in the tourist beach resort area of Cancun, Quintana Roo. The cartel-controlled region is one of the top destinations for American tourists, where more than a dozen of beach goers were shot at a dance festival.

Cancun Shooting